5 crazy claims for LA Rams Week 1 game against the Bills

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /
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The LA Rams know that they cannot pull any of their punches this season, particularly against their Week 1 opponent, the Buffalo Bills. Facing the toughest strength of schedule for any NFL team, the Rams will face an onslaught of weekly opponents who are eager to knock off the defending NFL Champions.

Of course, the Bills have more incentive than just using the LA Rams as a measuring stick. This is the equivalent of a warning sign to the rest of the NFL.

Danger Ahead.

A chance for one of the two combatants to place 30 other teams of the NFL on notice that they mean business and are not to be taken lightly this season. Entering this one, the oddsmakers have acquiesced to the money and set the odds clearly in the Buffalo Bills’ favor.  But odds are set to balance the scales. The LA Rams have been incredibly successful as home underdogs, and there are no reasons to expect this game will be any different.

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Crazy claim V: The Rams’ defense will force at least one turnover

One of the stingiest offenses at turning over the football was the 2021 offense of the Buffalo Bills. That team coughed up the football just 22 times in 17 games. For comparison’s sake, the LA Rams were surprisingly sure-handed with the football as well, turning it over an impressive 23 times. But that was the defense that LA Rams defensive coordinator Raheem Morris inherited from past regimes. To put it bluntly, things have changed.

This defense is cut from the turnover creation cloth through and through. From bigger defensive backs, meaner and harder-hitting inside linebackers, and a defensive front that is built to go through, not around, the toughest offensive linemen.

It all boils down to a defense that is less about fooling anyone than one that expects to exert its will upon the opponent. We witnessed signs of the turning point for the LA Rams defense when defensive back Nick Scott lowered the boom on opponents, knocking the ball out and the ball carrier to the ground. That will no longer be the exception this year. Rather it will be the rule.