Injury outbreak may hold silver lining for LA Rams offensive line

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Ch… Ch… Ch… Changes. Turn and face the Strange

The Rams’ offensive line struggled mightily against the Buffalo Bills (see the previous slide), but on the day-after report-out of player injuries, we can now attribute those struggles to specific causes, and not lump it all under the emotionally-charged and very-inaccurate “they suck!” that seems to be going viral on social media right now.

Hey, playing on the offensive line in the NFL is a thankless job. Do well, and quarterbacks, running backs and receivers get showered with love, praise, and NFL honors. Do poorly, and articles start popping up naming names.

Another player who suffered injury was Rams’ offensive tackle, Joe Noteboom. Since we have no way of knowing when he was injured during the game, we cannot link his poor performance directly to an injury, but it surely contributed to his nightmarish performance. What injury? This one:

I hope that the Rams choose not to play a semi-injured blindside offensive tackle so quickly after he struggled so mightily in the opener. If nothing else, elevate TE Roger Carter from the practice squad.

As the LA Rams OL ranks thin out, the team could consider signing a free agent veteran offensive lineman. We cited Rams rumors that reported on suggestions that the Rams were keen on FA Oday Oboushi, and he remains available. The Rams had recently worked to free up salary cap space, is this when they spend it?

I am actually okay with the Rams sliding AJ Jackson in to allow Noteboom to heal. Jackson may not be as good as a healthy Noteboom, but at what point in the injury scale does he overtake his teammate? I’d rather that the Rams get guys healed up.

We already know it’s going to be a long season. After Week 1, it may seem even longer.

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