LA Rams learning to appreciate PK Matt Gay’s fashion focus

Mandatory Credit: Kiyoshi Mio-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kiyoshi Mio-USA TODAY Sports /

Who wears short shorts? He wears short shorts. At least, that is the NFL’s opinion of LA Rams Matt Gay. Here’s what I mean:

More than a week ago, the LA Rams benefitted from the comic relief of their starting placekicker, Matt Gay. You see, it turns out that Matt Gay was fined $5,000 by the NFL because the league felt that his pants were . . . too short.

The news happened two weeks ago, but I wanted to save the story for the right time. And now, in Week 4, as the LA Rams pivot to take on their nemesis, the San Francisco 49ers, a bit of humor could go a long way.

Setting an NFL player back by a hefty sum of cash is no laughing matter. But the way that Matt Gay responds to the situation is 100 percent classic comedy. Just check out his Tweet, and all of the sites that he wanted to ensure were in on the gag. He wanted to ensure that this one got plenty of attention.

While the fine happened two weeks ago, it’s worth revisiting if for nothing else than to chuckle a bit. We’ve made it a point to track how the LA Rams’ uniform color palette has impacted the outcomes of the games. But in all honesty, we’d never thought to break out the tape measure and ensure that all Rams players were conforming to the regulation length of their pants. Based on the way that the LA Rams were humiliated in the season opener by the visiting Buffalo Bills, that may be something we consider for the future.

We’ll be covering the Rams uniform for Week 4 later this week. But until then, let’s hope that all the players maintain regulation-length pants.  After all, there are better ways to spend $5,000.

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