5 brutal questions LA Rams can answer against the 49ers

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The LA Rams are about to compete in their fourth game of the 2022 NFL season. But this is not just any game. This is a Monday Night Football game against a team that, until the NFC Championship Game, had rattled off six consecutive regular season wins against the LA Rams.

But the LA Rams halted that streak with an inspired defensive effort, an opportunistic offense, and a series of big plays that have elevated the likes of Nick Scott, Matt Gay, Matthew Stafford, Kendall Blanton, Odell Beckham Jr., and of course, Cooper Kupp to a place of reverence.

Statistically, the Rams dominated in that game. From yards to time of possession, the Rams appeared to dominate the 49ers from start to finish. But the dominance was, in many ways, an illusion. The Rams were behind by a score of 17-7 as the game entered the fourth quarter. Even after scoring a touchdown early in the fourth quarter, the team had to muster both a game-tying and then a game-winning drive.

And perhaps best of all, the Rams’ defense had to hold the 49ers scoreless throughout the fourth quarter.  In their first fourth-quarter series, the Rams allowed the 49ers to run 6 plays for 38 yards, before forcing a punt. On the next series, the Rams’ defense forced the 49ers to punt after three incompletions. On their third and final series, ILB Travin Howard intercepted 49ers Jimmy Garoppolo, essentially ending the game and launching the LA Rams to Super Bowl LVI.

Now, the question is, can these LA Rams follow up that dramatic victory with a win on MNF?

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Question V: Can ILB Bobby Wagner deliver a victory over the 49ers?

Right now, the LA Rams have a Top-10 rushing defense. That’s a very good thing because the 49ers love to run the football whenever they face the Rams. Over the past five seasons, and in 11 games, the San Francisco 49ers have averaged 31+ rushes per game for 119.2 yards per game and 1.2 TDs per game. To counter that run-centric offense, the Rams have signed up inside linebacker Bobby Wagner.

This is where we answer the question that has been on the minds of fans, players, and coaches all year. Can Bobby Wagner deliver a win over the Niners?

Unless the 49ers suddenly go heavy in their passing game, the Rams should match up well against the 49ers’ rushing offense. The Rams are not only Bobby Wagner, but boast DL Aaron Donald, DL Greg Gaines, DL A’Shawn Robinson, and ILB Ernest Jones as well, and all are having a great season defending the run so far.  Will it be enough? Let’s not fool ourselves, this is the 49ers, and that means it is never enough.

But it gives the LA Rams a solid chance of stuffing the 49ers’ runs. That gives the Rams a good chance of a successful outcome.