Are the LA Rams repeating 2019? Too many similarities to ignore.

Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports /

The first time that the LA Rams faced the San Francisco 49ers in 2019, the Rams lost by a score of 20-7. In 2019, the LA Rams were playing after competing in Super Bowl LIII.

In 2019, the LA Rams offensive line was decimated by injuries. In 2019, the LA Rams offense could not run the ball very effectively, and the team would end the season with a 9-7 record and be completely shut out of the NFL Playoffs.

While 2019 would not be a losing season, it was the worst season in many ways for the LA Rams. Their 9-7 record was not the only disappointing characteristic of the team. The offensive line, battered by injuries, would be one of the NFL’s worst. The LA Rams’ rushing offense would finish as the 26th-ranked ground game in the NFL.

While the Rams’ offense was led by the throwing skills of a very young Jared Goff, the passing attack would average 281.2 yards per game. But the Rams would only get 22 passing touchdowns to 17 interceptions.

2022, Deja Vu’ all over again

Now here we are, three years later. In the first game against the 49ers in 2022, the LA Rams lost by a score of 24-9. This year, the Rams are playing after competing in Super Bowl LVI.

This year, the Rams’ offensive line is decimated by injuries. And so far this season, the LA Rams offense cannot run the ball very effectively.  Right now the team is sitting on a 2-2 record and runs the risk of losing to next week’s opponent, the Dallas Cowboys. If the Rams fall to 2-3 with the number of injuries on the team, it’s not too early to question their chances of even earning a playoff berth.

You can blame it on the uniform. You can blame it on the overwhelming number of injuries to the offensive line and the secondary.  I have even been getting bombarded with the “Fire Raheem Morris,” faithful, who seem to have not witnessed the fact that the defense played better in this one (allowing 17 points) than in the NFC Championship Game. But blaming solves nothing, and right now the LA Rams are stuck in their ruts. The offense is not very effective.

Rams’ commitment to Kupp/Higbee hurting themselves

The LA Rams are finding controlled success on offense. That is, the San Francisco 49ers’ defense allowed the Rams to successfully throw to Cooper Kupp and Tyler Higbee. As a result, Stafford was able to complete 24 of 33 targets for 195 yards. But for the rest of the receivers? The Rams got just eight receptions of 15 targets for 59 yards.

This was a tough loss. Some will revert back to their own patterns of calling for the LA Rams to fire DC Raheem Morris. But the Rams’ defense held the 49ers offense to just 17 points. That other touchdown was off the offense, a pick-six that was thrown by Matthew Stafford as he pressed to make something happen.

Right now, the Rams’ offense is averaging 17.5 points per game. In 2019, the Rams averaged 24.6 points per game. In the end, there is one difference between the 2019 versus 2022 versions of the LA Rams. The offense in 2019 was much better.

51. 24. 42. Final. 9

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