Did LA Rams make wrong uniform choice for MNF vs. 49ers?

Mandatory Credit: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports /

Do the clothes make the man? What about the NFL team? Well, whether they do or do not, LA Rams fans have been rather unique in their interest in which uniform combination the team is wearing. Unfortunately, the uniform that best pleases the eye is not always the best uniform in terms of wins and losses.

Does anyone know why that might be?

For the LA Rams, Bone White is the color that inevitably seems to generate the most success. In 2020, Bone uniforms in some parts of the color combination resulted in a record of 9-3. Non-Bone uniforms were a disappointing 2-5.

But does any of this matter? We know that in both 2020 and in 2021, the LA Rams lost to the 49ers in the regular season no matter what the team wore.

2020 uniform combinations

Bone / Bone   5-1
Royal / Sol       2-2
Royal / Bone   3-0
Royal / Royal   0-3
Bone / Royal   1-1
Bone / Sol       0-1

Totals             11 – 7

In 2021, Bone continued to outpace non-Bone colored uniforms. Bone was worn to a record of 8-2. Non-Bone unforms resulted in a record of 8-3. But the Rams were able to introduce the new Throwback Classic White, a color that was quite popular with fans but only mustered a record of 2-2 during the 2021 NFL season

2021 uniform combiinations

White / Sol       2-1
Bone / Royal    2-1
Bone / Bone     3-0
Royal / Royal    0-1
Royal / Sol         4-0
Royal / Bone     3-1
Bone / Sol          2-0
White / Royal    0-1

Totals                 16 – 5

Okay, we get the picture.

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2022 Rams Uniform Tracker

Now for the 2022 uniform performance? How have the Rams done so far?

  • Week       Opponent           Jersey       Pants    Outcome
  1.      1             Bills                    White        Sol          L  10-31
  2.      2             Falcons              Bone         Sol          W 31-27
  3.      3             at Cardinals      Bone         Royal     W 20-12
  4.      4             at 49ers            White        Royal     ??
  5.      5             Cowboys           White
  6.      6             Panthers           Royal
  7.      7             BYE
  8.      8             49ers                 Royal
  9.      9             at Buccaneers Royal
  10.   10             Cardinals           Royal
  11.   11             at Saints            White
  12.   12             at Chiefs            White
  13.   13             Seahawks         Royal
  14.   14             Raiders              Royal
  15.   15             at Packers         White
  16.   16             Broncos             Royal
  17.   17             at Chargers       White
  18.   18             at Seahawks     White

Well, I hate to say it, but the LA Rams’ lone use of Classic White Jersey with Royal Blue pants was last worn on Monday Night Football versus the San Francisco 49ers. In that game on Week 10, the LA Rams were demolished by a score of 31-10, the same score as the season opener against the Buffalo Bills. In that game, the Rams could not run the football, could not stop the 49ers from running the football, and the Rams lost the Time of Possession by a margin of two to one.

Can the Rams overcome the 49ers and their choice of uniforms on the same night?

Perhaps a better indication is found in the ability to run with the football, the ability to stop the opposing team from running with the football, and controlling the game clock. If the game uniforms help the Rams to do all that, then yes.

But if the uniform selection has any involvement in the outcome of the game? Well, the LA Rams made the wrong uniform choice for MNF vs. the 49ers.

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