NFL Insider J Jones: LA Rams ‘absolutely’ will trade for a pass rusher

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The LA Rams may not be the headliner in NFL news media right now but just stick around. In the days and hours leading up to the NFL Trade Deadline, the LA Rams are in the right position to make a move. That is pretty much what almost all NFL Insiders and pundits agree upon right now. But which position and which player is currently in the LA Rams’ sights is a completely different matter altogether.

If you believe that the LA Rams have been linked to a running back, an offensive lineman, a wide receiver, a defensive lineman, a running back, or an outside linebacker so far in the days leading up to the NFL Trade Deadline, you are all correct.

We have confirmation that the LA Rams were among the final two NFL teams bidding for Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey. Unfortunately, the Rams’ NFC West division rival, the San Francisco 49ers, was the other team, and they managed to acquire him.

That all took place while the LA Rams are trying to trade away their own running back, Cam Akers, before the trade deadline. Crazy times indeed.

CBS Sports NFL Insider Jonathan Jones take

It seems as though 25 percent of Twitter is now filled with accounts that end in …NFL and all of them have some new and unconfirmed rumor about an NFL team and players who that team is targetting at the deadline.

And so, we turn to the credentialed pundits. The ‘experts’ whose job title includes the words ‘NFL Insider,’ because they are the persons who have established the necessary connections and rapport with industry leaders who are in the know. One such NFL Insider is CBS Sports NFL Insider Jonathan Jones. What is his take on the LA Rams at the deadline?

"“If there is a team, Adam (Schein), that I believe is absolutely going to be making a trade by the November 1st deadline, it is the LA Rams. And at what position specifically? Edge rusher. I’m told by multiple sources around the league that the Los Angeles Rams are hot and heavy looking for some sort of pass rusher to bolster that defensive line. You look out there, and there aren’t many of them. But, hey! How about the team that we were just talking about, the Denver Broncos? The Rams have a very very close eye on Bradley Chubb. We’ll see what happens when the Broncos get back from London after their Sunday game.” – per CBS Sports NFL Insider Jonathan Jones"

You can catch the transcribed comments above by viewing the embedded video below at the 1:43 mark.

If Jones is correct, then Rams fans should cheer for the Jacksonville Jaguars this Sunday. If the Jaguars defeat the Denver Broncos, that will almost certainly trigger the Broncos to pivot their focus to the 2023 NFL season and consider trades that will allow the team to rebuild their roster next season.

The Rams and the Broncos have been frequent trading partners in recent months, and this would be one more opportunity for both teams to emerge from a mutually beneficial exchange. Of course, neither team is exclusively focused on the other, but this is absolutely a developing matter that bears close monitoring.

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