LA Rams finally don winning uniform to face the fearsome 49ers

Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports /

Mock it or chalk it down to a prudent decision, the LA Rams uniform choice has not gone the Rams’ way when it comes to the options worn to face their NFC West Division rival, the San Francisco 49ers. It was so blatantly apparent when the team chose to don the Classic Throwback White jersey and the Royal Blue pants, that we questioned the fashion decision before Game 4. The Rams rolled over and lost that one in a pretty humiliating fashion (pun intended).

Whether or not the Rams ‘get it,’ yet, or not, the fashion for Week 8 is more appropriate for that of a team eager to end this seven regular-season game losing streak.  The Rams will don their Royal Blue jersey and their Sol Yellow pants. So how well has that combination done in the past?

2020 uniform combinations

Bone / Bone   5-1
Royal / Sol       2-2
Royal / Bone   3-0
Royal / Royal   0-3
Bone / Royal   1-1
Bone / Sol       0-1

Totals             11 – 7

While Bone is clearly the most successful color of all the Rams uniforms in 2020, Royal jerseys have had their day too. . The LA Rams played to a record of 8-2 in Bone White and settled for 3-5 in any color combination without that color. But when focusing on the Royal jersey, the Rams played to a 5-5 draw in 2020.

2021 uniform combiinations

White / Sol       2-1
Bone / Royal    2-1
Bone / Bone     3-0
Royal / Royal    0-1
Royal / Sol         4-0
Royal / Bone     3-1
Bone / Sol          2-0
White / Royal    0-1

Totals                 16 – 5

In 2021, the Rams’ Bone White once more ruled supreme, as any uniform combination that included Bone White resulted in the LA Rams recording a 10-2 record.  Without Bone White, the LA Rams had to settle for a 6-3 mark. But look once more. If the Rams played in a Royal Blue jersey and Sol Yellow pants, the team played to a 4-0 record.

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2022 Rams Uniform Tracker

Now for the 2022 uniforms. At Week 7, how have the LA Rams performed so far?

  • Week       Opponent           Jersey       Pants    Outcome
  1.      1             Bills                    White        Sol          L  10-31
  2.      2             Falcons              Bone         Sol          W 31-27
  3.      3             at Cardinals      Bone         Royal     W 20-12
  4.      4             at 49ers            White        Royal     L  24-9
  5.      5             Cowboys           White        Sol         L  22-10
  6.      6             Panthers           Royal         Sol         W  24-10
  7.      7             BYE
  8.      8             49ers                 Royal         Sol          ???
  9.      9             at Buccaneers Royal
  10.   10             Cardinals           Royal
  11.   11             at Saints            White
  12.   12             at Chiefs            White
  13.   13             Seahawks         Royal
  14.   14             Raiders              Royal
  15.   15             at Packers         White
  16.   16             Broncos             Royal
  17.   17             at Chargers       White
  18.   18             at Seahawks     White

If the LA Rams truly phase out their Bone White uniform, fashionable or not, it seems as though the team should buckle down for choppy waters ahead. The Rams jerseys for the remainder of the season are only Royal Blue or Throwback Classic White.

As stated above for Week 7, the uniform of choice is the Royal Blue jersey and Sol Yellow pants.  The LA Rams have a historical record of 7-2 in that uniform. For a complete breakdown of this combination, let’s revisit the Rams 2021 and 2022 schedules in the Royal / Sol combination:

Week 6 2021: @ NYGiants Royal/Sol                                   W 38-11
Wildcard Round: vs. Arizona Cardinals Royal/Sol              W 34-11
Divisional Round: @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers Royal/Sol  W 27-24
Conference Round: vs San Fran Royal/Sol                           W 20-17
Week 6 2022: @ Carolina Panthers Royal Sol                     W  24-10

It’s pretty clear that in terms of a fashion statement, the LA Rams are saying that this team wants to win. In fact, the only time the LA Rams have beaten the San Francisco 49ers in the past four seasons occured in their Royal/Sol combination.

Will it be enough?  It cannot hurt, right?

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