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The Rams have beaten this offensive funk before

No, I’m not trying to claim to be smarter than the LA Rams coaching staff. I simply noticed in 2019, 2020, and 2021, the Rams fixed their offensive struggles by focusing on running the ball, and that got the entire offense on track. So what is keeping this team from trying a solution that has worked in each of the last three seasons?

The goal here is to fix the problem, not blame anyone for the problem. So what can the Rams do to fix this?

I: The Rams could emphasize 12-personnel packages
II: The Rams could introduce a pony backfield
III:  The Rams could play WR Ben Skowronek more often in his power-back role
IV: The Rams could have fun by thinking outside a rigid offensive box

With a record of 3-6, something has to change for the Rams’ fortunes to turn positive. The curious point of all of this is that this is a recurring theme of the Rams’ offense. Eventually, the coaching staff acquiesces and adopts a more potent run stance that knocks the team out of its doldrums.

In 2019, the Rams adopted their 12-personnel package with tight ends Tyler Higbee and Johnny Mundt. In 2020, the Rams eventually featured rookie RB Cam Akers and a power rushing offense that dominated the New England Patriots, a game where Akers piled up 171 rushing yards, more offense than the entire Rams passing attack. In 2021, the Rams eventually featured veteran RB Sony Michel, who promptly put up 423 yards and two rushing touchdowns in four games in the month of December.

So why not now? It’s not the fault of the offensive line that the Rams run the ball the fewest times in the NFL.  And running the football not only gains valuable experience at running, but it imposes the possibility of running upon a defense that has for the most part committed to stopping the Rams’ passing attack.

Can the LA Rams fix this offense? Yes. The team simply needs to hit some foundation of bedrock along the offensive line, allowing five starters to string together consecutive games. That process accelerates if the Rams circle the wagons and commit to running the football.

Failure is not just trying to do something unsuccessfully. Failure starts with not trying. Right now, the Rams fail to run with the football because they simply don’t attempt to do so. Will that change anytime soon? Well, this is about the time that the Rams flip the switch. Let’s hope that happens this year too, with the same results.

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