LA Rams hanging on a thread of hope for a Week 11 win

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Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Rams uniform trends may have worked in the past, but this year the headliner is about the hex on the Rams roster and the unexplained and overwhelming number of injuries that continue to occur to the team’s offensive line.  The injuries continue even now as the Rams had to assign two promising offensive linemen to IR: Alaric Jackson and Chandler Brewer.  While the team hoped to welcome back starting offensive guard David Edwards, Edwards suffered a setback and will not return to the active roster this week

Fortunately, the team did sign a rookie offensive lineman off the Chicago Bears practice squad, OL Zachary Thomas. He is the fourth offensive lineman signed to the Rams roster since this season began. That, and elevating both Jeremiah Kolone and A.J. Arcuri from their own practice squad this week as well.

But whether familiar veterans or just-arrives rookies, they will all don the Rams assigned uniform this week. Will it make a difference?

2020 uniform combinations

Bone / Bone   5-1
Royal / Sol       2-2
Royal / Bone   3-0
Royal / Royal   0-3
Bone / Royal   1-1
Bone / Sol       0-1

Totals             11 – 7

If you tracked the color palette and the outcome of the game, you noticed that a pattern did seem to emerge. There was an inexplicable relationship to the Royal Blue jersey in 2020. Matched with Sol Yellow pants, and the Rams played .500 football. Matched with Royal Blue pants, the Rams went winless. But when worn with Bone White pants, the Rams did not lose a game.

2021 uniform combiinations

White / Sol       2-1
Bone / Royal    2-1
Bone / Bone     3-0
Royal / Royal    0-1
Royal / Sol         4-0
Royal / Bone     3-1
Bone / Sol          2-0
White / Royal    0-1

Totals                 16 – 5

That pattern seemed to play out in the 2021 NFL season as well. But this time, the pattern of success was Royal Blue paired with Sol Yellow pants, a color combination that was worn to four wins without a loss. But the team introduced their Classic White throwback color in 2021 as well, in jersey only, and when matched with Sol Yellow pants, the team won two of three games.

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2022 Rams Uniform Tracker

Now for the 2022 uniforms. At Week 11, how have the LA Rams performed so far?

  • Week       Opponent           Jersey       Pants    Outcome
  1.      1             Bills                    White        Sol          L  10-31
  2.      2             Falcons              Bone         Sol          W 31-27
  3.      3             at Cardinals      Bone         Royal     W 20-12
  4.      4             at 49ers            White        Royal     L  24-9
  5.      5             Cowboys           White        Sol         L  22-10
  6.      6             Panthers           Royal         Sol         W  24-10
  7.      7             BYE
  8.      8             49ers                 Royal         Sol         L   31-14
  9.      9             at Buccaneers Royal         Bone     L  16-13
  10.   10             Cardinals           Royal         Bone     L   27-17
  11.   11             at Saints            White        Sol         ???
  12.   12             at Chiefs            White
  13.   13             Seahawks         Royal
  14.   14             Raiders              Royal
  15.   15             at Packers         White
  16.   16             Broncos             Royal
  17.   17             at Chargers       White
  18.   18             at Seahawks     White

It is a shame that the LA Rams plan to phase out their Bone White uniform, fashionable or not, as that color remains one of its most successful options. In fact, of the three Rams wins this season, two occurred while wearing their Bone The Rams jerseys for the remainder of the season continue to be only Royal Blue or Throwback Classic White.

This week, the Rams will go with their Throwback Classic White Jersey and Sol yellow pants.  How has this combination fared so far?

2021 Week 1: vs Chicago                   White/Sol W 34-13
2021 Week 9: vs. Tennessee             White/Sol L 28-16
2021 Super Bowl LVI: @ Cincinnati White/Sol W 23-20
2022 Week 1: Buffalo Bills                 White/Sol  L  10-31
2022 Week 5: Dallas Cowboys          White/Sol  L  10-22

With a record of just 2-3 in this combination so far and a streak of 0-2 in 2022, don’t look for much help from this uniform combination. It appears that the Rams will need to earn a win the old-fashioned way, by outplaying their competition.

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