LA Rams released players quickly claimed by other teams

Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports /
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The LA Rams may or may not have intended to afford their recently released players a fresh start with a new team, but for all intents and purposes, that is how this has all worked out. The Rams are tumbling, and that rapid descent has triggered the team to shed players who were likely going to test the NFL Free Agency market at season’s end, and would likely not generate the type of interest or contractual obligations to result in awarding the Rams a potential compensatory pick.

While I was as confused as anyone why the team made the decision to part ways with three contributing players at this point of the 2022 season, I am beginning to see the method in the madness. Call it a mercy release, but the Rams have allowed three key contributors to beat the rush to the NFL free agency market, and sign on with new teams.

The Rams are in a tough spot in virtually all categories. After all, this roster was built to win in the postseason and NFL Championships. So the roster was built with that same all-or-nothing mindset. The team understood that if one of their elite players fell to injury, the chances of success would fall dramatically.

LA Rams have good reasons to shut down both Kupp and Stafford

Entering Week 12, at a record of 3-7, the LA Rams have already lost both WR Cooper Kupp and QB Matthew Stafford. While no decision has been made, the wise pact almost dictates that the team shuts down both players for the rest of this season. This is not about tanking, or trying to optimize the value of the three remaining draft picks that the team holds.

In fact, I would argue that it’s the opposite. If the LA Rams see themselves as truly competitive in 2023, then getting critical players in their best shape for a run next year should be the goal now. We’ve seen what a short turnaround has done to the LA Rams roster twice: Once after SB LIII, and now after SB LVI. This is about doing what is best for the players, and keeping them healthy should be atop the priorities.

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Perhaps that is why the LA Rams released three players who are contributors to the team at this point in time. All three faced the NFL Free Agent market at the end of this season, and their performances this year had little chance of landing them an optimal contract to play next season. So they now have a chance to place some good football on video footage with another team in time to get teams interested again. The trick is to get signed on with new teams.

Thankfully, all three players have done so. So let’s see who is where, and how well they might fit their new team.