LA Rams roster welcomes 3 more young’uns to the active roster

Mandatory Credit: 20 Mtsu V Rice
Mandatory Credit: 20 Mtsu V Rice /

The LA Rams roster is getting shuffled around once more. This time, the Rams roster is getting another weekly batch of transactions that, if taken altogether, make your head spin. So for now, we’ll chip away and deliver more digestible portions of the roster moves so that it’s a bit easier to track and assess the impact on your smartphone, notepad, laptop, or personal computer.

We had already touched base on the immediate impact of shutting down veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford means to the LA Rams’ 2022 NFL season. Now, let’s cover the fact that the team is not only activating OLB Daniel Hardy from IR but also signing PS players OLB Keir Thomas and WR Austin Trammell to the active roster. Just check out the following:

What should we expect? In a single transaction, the Rams roster has suddenly doubled the number of outside linebacker options to play in the rotation. Both Daniel Hardy and Keir Thomas had impressive training camps and were active on the defense in preseason games. Still, both are raw and inexperienced NFL rookies looking for their first NFL defensive snaps, so their debuts may not result in multiple quarterback sacks apiece.

What of WR Austin Trammel? We had explored what he might bring to the team when he was signed in late August 2022. So what can we sum up for you here? For starters, Trammel has the ability to contribute to special teams. Does that mean he gets a shot this week? I wouldn’t rule it out, as KR/PR/WR Brandon Powell’s contract expires at the end of this season.  At the time of his acquisition, I could not help but see similarities in the game of veteran WR Cooper Kupp and of Austin Trammel.  Now that Kupp is out with an injury, Trammel’s joining the active roster carries a bit more significance. Will Trammel get some offensive snaps and, in the process, get some target?

I certainly hope so. While it’s tough to be put on the spot, here is hoping that the Rams open their rotations and playcalling to get as many realistically involved in the offense as possible.

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