Destiny, thy name is LA Rams quarterback Baker Mayfield

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Waived, only to wave hello to a new opportunity

The Carolina Panthers, saturated at the quarterback position, opted to end their relationship with Mayfield and waived him from their roster. While the connection of Mayfield to the Rams was easy to make, there were quite a few who were not the least bit interested in any attempt to salvage the career of an NFL quarterback who had failed with two NFL teams in less than one month’s time.

And yet, a report has now surfaced over a Rams’ rumor that quarterback Baker Mayfield booked a flight to Los Angeles before ever learning of the results from the NFL Waiver Wire process had concluded:

Leaving on a jet plane? No guarantees about what awaits?

And so, multiple reports confirm the Rams Rumors. Wow. Just, wow.

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Rams rumors make this situation even more bizarre

If that reported Rams rumor is true, that is absolutely mind-blowing. On a gut feeling, an NFL quarterback who has been released by an NFL team takes the initiative to book travel plans to arrive at his new team before that team has any confirmation that he will be playing for the LA Rams.

That is . . . bonkers. I’ve never seen, heard, or read anything like this before. An NFL quarterback heads to LA because he feels as though the LA Rams will be interested in him, and no other NFL team with a higher priority will as well?  Was this destined to be? Well, the mantra “Go West, young man,’ has never been more true.