LA Rams Coach Henny’s DAWGWORK pays off with young bucks on DL

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One more DL from the draft class of 2020

The draft class of 2020 was richly populated with defensive linemen. While the Rams did not manage to draft any, the team did sign five (out of 22 UDFAs) defensive linemen after the draft: Michael Hoecht (Rams), Sam Renner (FA), Greg Reaves (USFL), Eric Banks (Arizona Cardinals), and Jonah Williams (Rams).

Larrell Murchison

The LA Rams loved the defensive linemen from the 2020 NFL Draft, and Larrell Murchison is clearly a player who the Rams had on their radar. Unfortunately, he was drafted by the Tennessee Titans, a team who really could find only minimal opportunity for him. So they waived the promising defensive lineman, and the Rams pounced to claim him. Even when the Rams roster added him, he was a very intriguing type of player.

The truth is that 6-foot-2 297-pound Larrell Murchison has wasted no time introducing himself to the Rams fanbase, recording 2.0 sacks, two quarterback pressures, and four tackles in his first NFL game for the Rams, and in just 16 defensive snaps. The good news is that thanks to claiming him off the waiver wire of the Tennessee Titans, the Rams will welcome him back for the 2023 NFL season as well.