Will LA Rams face 2023 without Head Coach Sean McVay?

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(Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images) /

The imminent future of the LA Rams has been called into question throughout almost the entire 2022 NFL season. While the Rams team has not suffered a losing season before 2022, the reactions of NFL analysts, pundits, and insiders have treated the downturn in the Rams’ fortunes as though this would be all that is necessary for the team’s core group of DL Aaron Donald, WR Cooper Kupp, QB Matthew Stafford, and HC Sean McVay to turn tail and run the other way.

In the case of veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford, concerns over the possibility of his retirement were fueled by health concerns over multiple injuries suffered this season behind a shaky offensive line. Kelly Stafford, Matthew’s wife, held one of her weekly podcasts in which she was emotionally distraught over the health of her husband, and understandably so.

After all, Matthew Stafford suffered a spinal cord contusion, an injury that certainly sounds serious enough to cause a pause in the mind of any professional athlete.

Can you have a snowball effect without snow?

And that led many highly respected NFL experts to speculate that Stafford was prepared to walk away from the game, which in turn could avalanche into the successive retirements of Rams head coach Sean McVay, and therefore, defensive lineman Aaron Donald.

Well, you can rest easy. LA Rams veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford will indeed be back in 2023. And while he has not discussed his intentions with me directly, it appears as though the arrival of newly signed quarterback Baker Mayfield has unlocked the fun and creativity of Sean McVay’s passion for NFL offensive strategy once more.

Will he walk away in 2023? I would not look for it. The LA Rams have an incredibly talented roster, and the Rams roster has been purged of less productive players so far this season. From the changes already underway with this team, I’d be willing to suggest that the team expects Sean McVay to return to lead the LA Rams in 2023. And even more, the Rams expect to return to their winning ways and the NFL Playoffs as well.

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