Why I love the LA Rams new TE hire from Patriots

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Reasons you may love this hire

Okay, so the LA Rams have hired a new offensive positional coach. What makes this guy so special? Or better yet, what makes this coach the right hire for the LA Rams offense? Well, anything that is stated is based on presumption and conjecture, and that makes it tough to dislodge the mindset of anyone who has their heels dug in and their mind made up that this is a bad hire.

So what I propose is pointing to some of those attributes/qualities that many have pointed to as a need for the Rams offense going forward. Let’s dig in:

I: Return Thomas Brown to RB

With his arrival, the Rams can repurpose RB coach Thomas Brown at what he does best, coach the running backs. That gives the tight ends and any potential fullback who may appear on the roster, a fresh look at the position and refresh everyone’s upside. We witnessed how quickly the LA Rams RB Cam Akers pivoted from a dumpster fire to one of the most productive RBs in the final three games of the NFL season. Regardless of what Caley brings to the tight-end role, the running backs will be better off under the watch of Thomas Brown once more.

II: The offense gets a new voice

It was clear that the LA Rams’ tight end position lost its shine in 2022, and this hire is a step in the right direction to turning that decline into a positive trend. It also is proof positive that Rams head coach Sean McVay is absolutely intent on bringing different perspectives and voices to his offensive coaching council, as Caley has worked exclusively with the Patriots throughout his NFL career.

III: FB option?

We had speculated that the LA Rams offensive rushing attack could be getting a new breath of life with the hiring of new offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur. This hire seems to add even more confidence in the Rams taking their running back position far more seriously. Does that mean a fullback in the Rams’ offense? Or perhaps simply a bigger running back? (I.E. a back who weighs more than 220 pounds and stands taller than 6-foot-0).