2024 NFL Schedule Release: Los Angeles Rams rumors and schedule tracker

Los Angeles Rams SoFi Stadium
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Today is the day that the LA Rams, as well as the entire NFL, will learn about their 2024 NFL schedule. The 2024 NFL schedule release is due to be released at 5:00 pm PT, and you can catch it live from any number of sources. But as will all bits of information that is considered proprietary or secret, it's bound to leak under the right circumstances.

Of course, on the day of the schedule release, leaks start to trickle out. Today's Los Angeles Rams schedule tracker is simply meant to compile those rumors (right or wrong) as they happen to give you an imperfect picture of how the Rams schedule for 2024 might be taking shape.

If you prefer the LA Rams schedule to arrive via YouTube, here is the source for that too:

No matter which way you turn, you will find some way to get the LA Rams 2024 schedule release.

HOME (9 games)

Because this is an even year regarding the new 17-game regular season format, NFC teams will enjoy the extra home game this season. The Rams nine home game opponents are:

  • Arizona Cardinals (4-13)
  • San Francisco 49ers (12-5) - Rumored TNF on Week 15
  • Seattle Seahawks (9-8)
  • Buffalo Bills (11-6)
  • Green Bay Packers (9-8)
  • Las Vegas Raiders (8-9)
  • Miami Dolphins (11-6) - Rumored MNF on Week 10
  • Minnesota Vikings (7-10) - Rumored TNF on Week 8
  • Philadelphia Eagles (11-6) - Rumored SNF on Week 12

AWAY (8 games)

That leaves just eight away games for the Rams this season. The opponents are:

  • Arizona Cardinals (4-13) - Confirmed for Week 2
  • San Francisco 49ers (12-5)
  • Seattle Seahawks (9-8) - Rumored on Week 9
  • Chicago Bears (7-10) - Rumored on Week 4
  • Detroit Lions (12-5) - Rumored SNF on Week 1
  • New England Patriots (4-13)
  • New Orleans Saints (9-8) - Rumored on Week 13
  • New York Jets (7-10) - Rumored on Week 16

Updated LA Rams rumors and schedule opponents

Week 1: @ Lions (possibly SNF) - not confirmed
Week 2: @ Cardinals - CONFIRMED
Week 3:
Week 4: @ Bears - not confirmed
Week 5:
Week 6:
Week 7:
Week 8: Vikings (possibly TNF?) - not confirmed
Week 9: @ Seahawks - not confirmed
Week 10: Dolphins (possibly MNF?) - not confirmed
Week 11:
Week 12: Eagles (possibly SNF) - not confirmed
Week 13: @ Saints - not confirmed
Week 14:
Week 15: 49ers (possibly TNF?) - not confirmed
Week 16: @ Jets - not confirmed
Week 17:
Week 18:

Week 1 rumors:

Week 2 rumors - confirmed

Week 4 rumors:

Week 8 rumors:

Week 9 rumors:

Week 10 rumors:

Week 12 rumors

Week 13 rumors

Week 15 rumors

Week 16 rumors:

Full schedule rumors?

Keep in mind that 'rumors' may be nothing more than educated speculation, and that everything will be confirmed in a matter of hours. I would highly recommend patience in making formal concrete plans to attend any NFL games until the official schedule is released. In the meantime, enjoy the drama of witnessing how the Rams schedule unfolds throughout the day.

As always, thanks for reading.