3 obvious advantages of the Los Angeles Rams 2024 NFL Schedule

Let's look at the good.
Los Angeles Rams v New York Giants
Los Angeles Rams v New York Giants / Mike Stobe/GettyImages

The Los Angeles Rams 2024 schedule actually isn't too brutal. Let's dive into three big advantages that are present with it. There are some disadvantages as well, like them playing three of their first four games on the road. This could let them to an early hole if things go poorly. Their bye week is also in the beginning part of the season, which is not ideal.

Having a bye week in the middle of the season seems to be the best, as teams would play two even halves of football. But the Los Angeles Rams can't really have an impact on their schedules. Nonetheless, there are still three distinct advantages with their 2024 lineup.

3 obvious advantages of the Los Angeles Rams 2024 NFL Schedule
The QB matchups are on the easier side

The best QB on the LA Rams 2024 schedule is Josh Allen. It might be Jared Goff. Maybe it's Aaron Rodgers? That is up to you to decide, but the Rams do have some not-so-terrible QB matchups on their schedule against passers like a rookie Caleb Williams, Gardner Minshew, Sam Darnold/JJ McCarthy, Geno Smith, Derek Carr, Drake Maye/Jacoby Brissett, and perhaps a washed-up Aaron Rodgers.

It's not going to be a gauntlet of QBs, fortunately. The LA Rams also do have a savvy and veteran secondary that features new additions in CBs Tre White and Darious Williams and stud safety Kamren Curl. Folks, the DBs may have a field day in 2024.

9 home games

With the NFL moving to a 17-game season beginning in the 2021 year, they alternate between conferences with the home/away game splits. Since 17 cannot be divided in half, it is the NFC' turn to have nine home games, which is going to benefit the LA Rams, obviously. Being at home for more than 50% of the season, especially with the team being a playoff contender, can really factor nicely into potential tiebreaking sitautions.

Yes, every other NFC team gets nine home games, but let's not pretend like it isn't a slight advantage.

No international travel

I am personally not at all a fan of international games, especially for the team that its a home game for. Fortunately, the Rams were blessed with no international travel in 2024, so that keeps them in the states. I tend to think that the international travel messes with the players' body clocks and is too new of an experience for them to be at their best.

The Rams are Super Bowl contenders this year, and should not have had to worry about traveling across the pond. They should be glad that they don't have to do this, and to me, it's a huge advantage for 2024.