3 reasons we all missed how LA Rams OT Alaric Jackson will shine in 2024

Alaric Jackson may not get a lot of positive press, but here are 3 reasons we all missed how LA Rams OT Alaric Jackson will shine in 2024
Los Angeles Rams Offseason Workout Alaric Jackson
Los Angeles Rams Offseason Workout Alaric Jackson / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages
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Reason III: He beat the odds to start at left tackle

From the moment he signed onto the LA Rams roster after the 2021 NFL Draft, former Iowa left tackle Alaric Jackson has proven to be a depth offensive lineman who had all the makings of a future starting left tackle. Jackson was a solid and experienced starting offensive left tackle for the Iowa Hawkeyes, but due to the depth at the position, and a less-than-stellar 2021 NFL Scouting Combine performance, fell out of the 2021 NFL Draft.

From that modest arrival to the NFL, Jackson has continued to battle through extension challenges of impressing coaches, showing up in a big way when given the opportunities. But perhaps hs greatest battle was a health scare that cut his 2022 NFL season short, and raised the alarms amoung the fans as to whether he would or could return to play football again.

He did return with a vengeance in 2023.

He even joined fans on social media to solve the mystery of his playing weight, a matter that remains uncorrected by PFF even now. Before the 2023 NFL Draft, Jackson doubled down on his social media presence and offered two versions of the starting offensive line for the season ahead, and he actually got quite close considering the team had not yet drafted Steve Avila nor signed Kevin Dotson.

After an injury-plagued 2022 NFL season, the Rams had a difficult battle at left tackle. The competition came down to heir-apparent swing tackle Joe Noteboom, the guy who was originally tapped to take over after veteran LT Andrew Whitworth retired, and newcomer Alaric Jackson, a Steady-Freddie left tackle who always seemed to do a great job regardless of the circumstances.

Even as he was competing hard for playing time, he was thinking ahead as to how to improve the team's protection. Curiously, he was nearly spot on the eventual starting five.