3 remaining free agents the LA Rams must sign ahead of the 2024 NFL Season

Should the Rams continue to dip into the FA market this late?
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The Los Angeles Rams still have every reason to add some free agents, and these three could make a lot of sense heading into the 2024 NFL Season. The Rams are clearly all-in for 2024, as the way they ended the 2023 NFL Season has paved the way for this team to try and make another run.

They've totally revamped their secondary, and also added more bodies along their offensive and defensive lines. Right now, there isn't a huge hole on this roster, as GM Les Snead has quickly turned this roster around from the super-team that he assembled for 2021. Now clearly in a different era, the Rams should still search the remaining free agent market to bring in some players.

Why not? No free agent at this point is going to cost much, and the worst thing that can happen is that they simply do not work out and are cut before the regular season begins. There truly is no downside here, so the Rams should consider bringing in these three players.

3 remaining free agents the LA Rams must sign ahead of the 2024 NFL Season
Charles Leno Jr, LT

Rams tackle Alaric Jackson really seemed to come into his own in the 2023 NFL Season, but with the tackle depth already being a bit iffy, there isn't any reason to not bring in Charles Leno Jr, who has started well over 100 games in his NFL career and is still a solid tackle at this point in his career. If nothing else, Leno can serve as some high-end depth and can easily start in a pinch.

Any team that hopes to sustain success in the NFL or make a deep playoff run must be strong in the trenches, as this is where NFL games are won and lost, and the 2024 LA Rams will not be an exception there. I would figure that Charles Leno Jr could be had for around $5 million on a one-year deal, so GM Les Snead should indeed pick up the phone and try to make this modest signing.

Michael Thomas, WR

Michael Thomas' best days are behind him unfortunately, but this was a player who began his career on a Hall of Fame pace, and he quietly had a nice season in 2023. Playing in just 10 games, Thomas caught 39 passes for 448 yards and one touchdown. Yes, that production isn't anything to be in awe about, but he did this in 10 games.

His averages over a 17-game season came out to 66 receptions, 762 yards, and two touchdowns. So in a way, this is how Michael Thomas produced in 2023 for the New Orleans Saints. Obviously, if the Rams were to make this move, this wouldn't be them bringing in a WR1, but adding a third or fourth option in the passing game is just them adding another wrinkle that opposing defenses have to account for.

Why not? The Rams will surely have Puka Nacua and Cooper Kupp getting 70% of the targets in the passing game, but many teams are doing a lot worse than having Michael Thomas as a third or fourth option. To me, this is an extremely low-risk, high-reward signing that may or may not work out. For a few million bucks, the opportunity is hard to pass up, in my opinion.

Yannick Ngakoue, DE

A consistent sack-master, Yannick Ngakoue has played for a whopping six teams in eight years, but he's had just one season across his NFL career where he's finished with less than eight sacks. The issue here is that Ngakoue is putrid in defending the run, but as a pass-rush specialist, there might not be a ton of pure pass rushers more talented than Yannick Ngakoue, a third-round pick in 2016.

He's got one Pro Bowl and is still just 29 years old. Across 123 regular season games in the NFL, Ngakoue has averaged 10 sacks, 10 tackles for loss, and 20 QB hits over his career. It's legitimate production and he'd also bring some high-end depth to the Rams defensive line, which is littered with young players.

Another low-cost move that could pay off in the long-run, Yannick Ngakoue would also get to play for a Super Bowl contender for the first time in his NFL career.