3 sleepers from Rams rookie class who could steal a roster spot

Los Angeles Rams
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Okay, we have plenty of ground to cover, so let's continue to make progress by addressing the team's undrafted college free-agent signings. The LA Rams may have satisfied the majority of significant roster holes in the 2024 NFL Draft, but some rough edges remained that needed smoothing in the end.

Thankfully, the team had prepared for that, extending several inexpensive veterans who have experience and playing time through the 2024 NFL season. With their return, the team had just enough wiggle room to choreograph a rather impressive draft tango that not only added an outstanding array of talented football players but did so at positions of need for the team.

Even as the team managed to get great bargains in this draft, there were not enough picks to cover every roster requirement. So, as is often the case, the team scrambled to add undrafted college free- agents after the three-day draft event concluded. And of the team's UDFA signings, there are several prospects who either fill a roster need or whose unique blend of skills already has positioned them as stiff competition for a roster spot this season

The LA Rams have one of the more successful track records of offering undrafted free agents an opportunity to make the roster and earn playing time with the team. Current starting tackle Alaric Jackson was undrafted, and is just one of the many players who has earned a starting role or significant playing time on this team, despite never hearing his name called out in the draft.

Does it truly matter when a player is added to the roster? Well, only if you are seeking Offensive or Defensive Rookie of the Year honors it seems. But some positions on the team have historically been open to starting undrafted players, and that tradition remains alive in 2024. What do I mean? Well, these three undrafted rookies not only have a real shot at making the 53-man roster but could push hard for playing time this season.