3 steps to rebuild Rams depleted DL despite a weak rookie class

Kobie Turner, Aaron Donald, Los Angeles Rams
Kobie Turner, Aaron Donald, Los Angeles Rams / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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Rams have critical need for defensive linemen

As of right now, the Rams roster does boast eight linebackers. The problem is that this team only has three defensive linemen on the roster. If you factor in players on Reserve/Futures contracts, you add two more linebackers and just one more defensive lineman. That number is simply too few to start the 2024 with, let alone enter OTAs and Training camp with

Investing into a defensive lineman, particularly one who is elite compared to his peers, is becoming quite an expensive habit to sustain. There is a high demand for those players and a true shortage of them in their positions. I cannot stress how miraculous the discovery of NT Kobie Turner was for the Rams football organization. He is truly a unicorn, a pass rusher who can create pressure on the quarterback up the middle.

The problem is, he is only one player. The Rams need more like him. But the demand continues to outstrip the supply driving the price up each year:

It's seems ironic that the LA Rams have been an incubation chamber for NFL defensive linemen in the past. Thanks to the superb coaching of former Rams Defensive Line Coach Eric Henderson, the Rams have generated such players as DE Morgan Fox, NT Greg Gaines, NT/DT Sebastian Joseph-Day, and even revitalized the careers of veteran DTs Ndamukong Suh, Michael Brockers, and A'Shawn Robinson. This year, the team has already lost DE Jonah Williams.

it's forgivable that everyone's attention was distracted by the retirement News of Aaron Donald. But now, let's turn to the talent pipeline. Who is in the pipeline to take his place? No, I'm not suggesting that anyone can 'replace' Donald. But who will absorb defensive snaps on the defensive line in 2024?

The situation is bleak right now: