Baldy's Breakdown: "Watch the 2nd year of (Rams) Kobie Turner"

Los Angeles Rams, Kobie Turner
Los Angeles Rams, Kobie Turner / Mike Lawrence/GettyImages

Rookles who are selected in Round 3 of any NFL Draft are considered a success if they manage to earn a solid rotational role with their team. So the incredible performance of rookie nose tackle Kobie Turner was nothing short of miraculous. He was robbed of the NFL's Defensive Rookie of the Year honors, outperforming every rookie in 2023. And he did so from the nose tackle position, perhaps the most physically demanding position in the NFL.

Sure, but he was getting plenty of help from teammate Aaron Donald getting double-teamed, right? Well, I hate to shoot this theory down, but Kobie Turner was double-teamed on 72 percent of his defensive snaps, as often as Kansas City Chiefs DE Chris Jones. In comparison, Donald was double-teamed just 63 percent of the time.

But this is not an argument over whose dog is bigger or badder. This is simply a gentle reminder to LA Rams fans that they have a rising star (perhaps two rising stars) on this defense who is not getting nearly enough respect or fanfare for the upcoming season.

But we're here to change all of that. And to accomplish that mission, we turn to one of the best in the business, NFL Insider and analyst, Brian Baldinger.

Nobody isolates and breaks down plays any better than NFL analyst Brian Baldinger. Whether its his keen eye to isolate plays that make his point undeniably obvious, or the fact that his enthusiasm and delivery is perhaps the most entertaining in the industry, I'm not sure. I can tell you that if he broke down the LA Rams players individually, I would be glued fast to my computer monitor, watching the videos as though I was a teenager repeating the same Star Wars movie over and over again.

Baldy's Breakdown: "Watch the 2nd year of Kobie Turner"

Just check out how Baldy breaks down The Conductors performance in 2023.

Kobie Turner earned his black belt in Coach Eric Henderson's dojo, fully embracing the #DAWGWORK mantra. Perhaps it's difficult to picture the guy with an infectious smile, who can belt out the National Anthem with such a pitch-perfect rendition, that it draws a tear in the corner of every veteran's eye, as a fierce pass rusher. But that is the complexity and simplicity of The Conductor.

As Brian Baldinger pointed out, he amassed seven of his nine quarterback sacks in the last seven games of the season. So what? Well, Turner had just two quarterback sacks in his first 10 games. Which pace to you believe to be a more likely basis for his 2024 NFL season? (Hint: The final seven games)

"Watch the 2nd year of Kobie Turner. After another year of offseason training, alright? And understanding how this league works in protection? Play that guitar, son. Play that guitar"

NFL analyst Brian Baldinger

Baldy nails it when he touts Kobie Turner's second season. This is not a year with a young man trying to figure out a new city, a new team, a new coaching staff, new teammates, a new role, and a new pace of the game. This is a young man who tied Aaron Donald's rookie sack total, who fought through the highest rate of double teams on the Rams roster, and the highest rate of the entire NFL, and he was smiling and having fun all along the way

Some believe that Kobie Turner's rookie season was a fluke, an anomaly because nobody anticipated that a rookie could be that effective at sacking the quarterback as a nose tackle. But how much more can offensive linemen do to stop in 2024? He was double-teamed 72 percent of the time in 2023. Do they up that to 100 percent of the time?

I share Baldy's optimism over Kobie Turner's 2024 NFL season. I think that he will be an even more devastating pass rusher in 2024. After all, nobody does it better than Brian Baldinger, so you can take his endorsement to the bank.

Thanks for reading. Next up? Some LA Rams draft news . .