3 things NFL experts are getting wrong about LA Rams in 2023

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Rams roster will be defined by the first few games

The LA Rams have a tough schedule facing them in 2023, that's for sure. But how about we give this team some leeway. Sure, the team will have training camp and preseason games to figure things out, but how much detail can the Rams coaching staff get 100 percent correct with a team that is unfamiliar to them?

This 2023 NFL season is not going to be very easy for the LA Rams. In the first five games, the Rams face four playoff teams and must compete against both teams that appeared in the NFC Championship Game: The San Francisco 49ers and the Philadelphia Eagles. That's a pretty tough scheduling draw for a veteran team, but this is a team that is always challenged by a roster that is swollen with youth.

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Slow start, roaring finish

Coming right out the gate, the Rams could struggle to find success. In fact, the Rams could struggle to win more than a couple of games by the end of October 2023. But even so, I look for this Rams team to pull together and improve with each game that passes. In my mind, whether or not the Rams claim a record that is better than .500 early, the team will be one of the better teams in the NFL by the time that the season draws to a close.

With a young team, the Rams will surely struggle to find its way this season, This team is almost intact on offense, nearly an entirely new makeover on defense, and an absolute do-over on special teams. This is not a team that has well-seasoned veterans, but whose very experience in the NFL Is, for the most part, rooted in on the job training.

If anything positive happens early for this rookie-infested roster, it's as much to do with random chance and luck as it has to do with skill and experience. But with each game, the tide shifts, so much so that by the time the Rams are finishing up their 2023 NFL season, this team has trained their rookies for nearly a year, and many of the first-year players on the Rams roster will have multi-game experience playing in the NFL. The more this team goes in 2023, the more the young players grow this season.

Unless this team is clobbered by injuries once more, I believe that this team gets much better as the season goes on. The Rams coaching staff has assembled an incredibly incredible cast who can take each and every gaffe and convert it into a coachable moment. There is a reason why the Rams hired who they did. I think fans will like how well this team matures.