5 2024 Rams who are better than the brochure, including that gnat, Boston Scott

That pesky giant-killing gnat, Boston Scott, leads a field of five LA Rams veterans in line for an outstanding season in 2024.
Les Snead, Los Angeles Rams
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Ninja III: This veteran wide receiver

The rising stock of eight-year veteran wide receiver Demarcus Robinson caught everyone by surprise, even the coaches who saw him practice every week for the Rams offense in 2023. After all, what other logical explanation can you come up with for the team to keep him out of the offense for the first eight weeks of 2023.

Oh, he took the football field. He actually played in 17 snaps in eight games before he was finally targeted once in Week 9. Of course, that throw was from backup quarterback Brett Maher. But that did seem to break the ice and begin an avalanche of work that became two targets in Week 10, two more targets in Week 11, two more targets in Week 12, and finally five targets in Week 13. Until late in the game in Week 13, Robinson caught every football thrown at him.

Robinson would go on to put up a touchdown in every game from Weeks 13 to 16, and would end the season with a remarkable 26 of 39 catches for 371 yards and four TDs. Not too shabby for a wide receiver who was not thrown to in nine of 17 games throughout the 2023 NFL season.

While some Rams fans are fully aware of how effective Demarcus Robinson proved to be in 2023, and what his presence throughout a full season of work in the offense can mean, many other NFL teams, fans, and even analysts have not recognized the potent upside of Demarcus Robinson for the 2024 NFL season. But some are getting the image into focus:

He was named as the most underrated player on the LA Rams roster in 2024, a title that whole-heartedly agree with. if the Rams are true to their word and conceive a role for Robinson amidst passing to Cooper Kupp and Puka Nacua, Robinson could easily put up 750 yards and eight touchdowns for the team in 2024. That would be better than Kupp's 2023 performance.

While there is only one football to share on this offense, the Rams have some upside simply by improving on the team completion rate. If quarterback Matthew Stafford can reclaim his 67.5 completion rate versus his 62.1 completion rate from 2023, the offense would have 31 more completions and 382 more yards. That extra boost could even mean two more touchdowns added to the scoreboard.

Robinson was one of the surest handed receivers on the roster in 2023. More Robinson means more receptions in 2024.