5 Bold Predictions that will shock fans for LA Rams in the 2024 NFL Draft

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The pleasure that I get from watching football games fills my Sunday morning/afternoons with a great deal of satisfaction when the LA Rams win. But for the sake of adding to that entertainment, I like to compete in some amateur Fantasy Football leagues that gives me reason to follow and cheer for players in other NFL games.

Since that adds to the suspense and overall entertainment value of football games, why not apply the same tactic to Round 1 of the 2024 NFL Draft? Historically, because the Rams have not made a selection in that first round, I have filled the night with meeting friends at a sports bar and indulging in pizza and beers (responsibly) as we compare our guesswork projections for Round 1 with the tally board. Best guesser gets a free meal for the evening, worst guesser has to pay the largest portion, plus the tip.

It passes the time, laughs are plentiful, and it has distracted me from the fact that the Rams have had no stake in the first 32 prospects to come off the draft board. But the 2024 NFL Draft is following a different script. This year, the LA Rams enter the draft with 11 overall picks and have the 19th overall pick on Day 1. We have already shared the time for the LA Rams pick to be televised. All that remains now is to remain busy until the Rams step up to the podium.

That's where we come in. Why not attempt to make bold predictions to keep the night passing quickly? You can borrow our 5 Bold Predictions listed through the remainder of this article, or post 5 bold predictions on our Ramblin Fan Facebook page. In either case, you will have a reason to follow the early selections of the draft while you wait for the Rams to step up to the podium.

V: 4 quarterbacks will be off the board by the the time the LA Rams draft

One of the first 'BOLD' claims I will wade into is the fact that the LA Rams have a pick in Round 1. But what of the myriad of quarterback prospects who are projected to hear their names called out in the 2024 NFL Draft? In no particular order, they include (Relative index supplied by NFL.com website):

  • USC QB Caleb Williams (6.74)
  • North Carolina QB Drake Maye (6.50)
  • LSU QB Jayden Daniels (6.73)
  • Michigan QB J.J. McCarthy (6.40)
  • Washington QB Michael Penix Jr. (6.25)
  • Oregon QB Bo Nix (6.39)
  • South Carolina QB Spencer Rattler (5.95)
  • Tulane QB Michael Pratt (5.88)
  • Florida State QB Jordan Travis (5.89)
  • Tennessee QB Joe Milton III (5.80)

The QB prospect list above names the Top 10 mentioned quarterback in this year's draft class. Just for comparison purposes, the Rams selected former Georgia QB Stetson Bennett with the 128th overall pick in Round 4 of the 2023 NFL Draft. His relative value of 5.94 places him at a comparable value to that of Spencer Rattler this year.

Some draft analysts project as many as six quarterbacks will come off the board quickly in this draft. I am not convinced. Teams would love to create a feeding frenzy among quarterback-needy teams to trade up and pay premium value to select their quarterback. I believe that there is too much value at offensive tackle and with wide receivers this year to allow a lengthy run on quarterbacks in this draft.