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Reason II: Comparisons are already being made with one prospect to Aaron Donald

The 2023 draft class is loaded with fast interior defensive linemen. While the University of Pittsburgh IDL prospect Calijah Kancey's performance has drawn overwhelmingly numerous comparisons to LA Rams Aaron Donald, he is not the only IDL who is creating a buzz. This draft has a number of cheetah-fast defensive linemen and edge rushers, and their draft stock is rapidly rising as a result.

That is exciting news for the 2023 NFL Draft class and certainly has stoked the fires of interest and intrigue among NFL scouts and personnel executives for this group of outstanding athletes. As a group, it's a very promising and productive DE/OLB cast of characters. a group whose talents remain promising as NFL contributors well into Day 3.

It's a very good year to need help at rushing the passer, and the LA Rams most certainly qualify on that front. After all, the team released as many players throughout the course of the season, four, as were on the active roster at the position at year's end. The team will likely seek to double the number of outside linebackers this offseason, and I would not be the least bit surprised to find the Rams make multiple selections at outside linebacker in this year's draft.

The 2023 NFL Scouting Combine is an excellent opportunity for young prospects to create buzz and nudge their draft stock higher (or lower), but the real proof in the pudding is how productive these young men were throughout their college football playing days. To that, many teams have likely already ranked their Big Boards. Who might the Rams be targeting? We have created our own version of the LA Rams Top 50 Big Board, and invite you to check it out now. The board was custom-made to reflect the specs from the LA Rams' past tendencies in the draft.