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Reason I: Say Hey to the robust secondary talent in this draft class

There is a lot to love about the secondary prospects in the 2023 NFL Draft class, and Penn State University cornerback Joey Porter Jr. , South Carolina cornerback Cam Smith, Mississippi State cornerback Emmanuel Forbes, and TCU cornerback Tre'Vius Hodges-Tomlinson were all about reminding NFL scouts and analysts why they are considered top talents in this draft.

The LA Rams will likely not see any of these defensive backs on the board when they step up to make their selection, even with the 36th overall pick of the 2023 NFL Draft, but that is not to say that they will not find a Day 1 starter at either cornerback or safety if that is their goal with their second round pick.

If there is an area that is crucial for the LA Rams to 'hit' on in the 2023 NFL Draft, my thought is that must be adding starting caliber defensive backs. And yes, I used the plural form.

Even as the Rams' defense is likely due for a significant overhaul, the truth of the matter is that the performance of the team's secondary has regressed over the past two seasons. Of course, the deceptive style of Brandon Staley's type of coverage was by its very nature part of the reason why quarterbacks were forced to hesitate and read the coverages, the Rams had a solid group of defensive backs that have since signed to play elsewhere. Only Jalen Ramsey remains from that 2020 secondary, and he is the subject of numerous NFL rumors right now.

The 2023 NFL Draft class is more than just a group of elite athletes. They are one of the deeper collections of productive defensive backs that the NFL has enjoyed in one draft class. A starting cornerback or safety could turn up as late in this draft as Round 6 or 7. And in my mind, that is when the Rams front office will do their best work.

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You have plenty of options in how you view this 2023 NFL Draft class. But keep in mind that the selection process is simply adding the raw ingredients to what is hoped will be a successful LA Rams roster going forward. The real work won't start until OTAs and training camp. Until then, buckle up and enjoy the ride.