7 dream extensions that will happen with latest Rams salary cap figures

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With the 2024 offseason now well underway for the LA Rams, I do not recall a more favorable perfect storm of positive factors since the team had hired Head Coach Sean McVay to lead this team. After an extremely disappointing 2022 season, the team adopted a very disciplined approach to resetting their salary cap and roster in 2023. Surprisingly, it was the back-to-the-basics approach that recharged and restored the team for a 10-7 record in 2023 that was far better than expected.

With better performances come higher expectations. With the team continuing on from a 2024 NFL Playoff appearance, the bar for this season is not overstating by naming an appearance in Super Bowl LIX as the objective.

Too high for your liking? Well, before you scoff too loudly, let's pause and consider the fact that the austerity shown last season has set this team up with unusual riches at their disposal. For starters, the team has 11 picks to use in the 2024 NFL Draft, including the first Day 1 pick of Coach McVay's tenure. That is merely the crown jewel of a set of draft picks that includes four picks in the Top 100 in the 2024 NFL Draft.

But the real power-to-the-people factor is the latest 20024 NFL salary cap news, With the news the team's purse is loaded with spending money now:

After a very tight budget last season, the team has some money to spend. How much more to the Rams have in 2024? Well, from Rams correspondent Stu Jackson, the Rams have approximately $30 million more to spend this season. That works out to better than a 13 percent increase over last season:

Of course, more money to spend will likely result in higher prices for players. But before the team starts spending cash willy-nilly on new players who are willing to compete for the highest bidder, there are the players who competed hard for the team in 2023, many of whom were willing to or were contractually obligated to play for a small sum.

Whether you agree or not, the team needs to look to their own as the first action with a swollen sack of cash. The third step for the Rams offseason task list is re-signing players. Even with a huge boost to the team's spending cash, there is a limit as to how many extensions the team can offer. Still, not everyone must come back to ensure a successful 2024 NFL season.

Here are 7 dream extensions that we believe will happen with the latest Rams salary cap figures. See if we've left anyone out.