8 Rams who are already turning heads at OTAs

Los Angeles Rams Ryan Wendell, Steve Avila
Los Angeles Rams Ryan Wendell, Steve Avila / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages
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With the 2024 NFL Draft behind us all, the LA Rams can pivot to the long and grueling matter of getting everyone prepared, communicating, and synched up for the 2024 NFL season. Even as so many players and coaches have been here before, this is a brand new season. In the NFL, new seasons bring new plays, new players, and new challenges.

And for the two dozen or so players who are experiencing the NFL for the first time in their football careers, this is the time to lay a solid foundation that each season will build upon going forward. Many fans were less than upbeat at this time one year ago, but we know how quickly optimism and enthusiasm spread.

We waded into the murky depths of the unknown one year ago and were dead-on in our assessment of what NFL analysts and experts got wrong about the team then. While the Rams delivered and exceeded all expectations in 2023, that experience did not teach analysts their lesson. Many project this team to do no better than .500 football this year.

So where are they missing the Rams strengths?

One clear area where NFL analysts seem to be blind is just how effective this coaching staff has become in reaching their young players. Rookies who are drafted in middle rounds but who show up as league leaders in the season is nothing new to the guys who compete in The Horns, but that seems to be a factor that few can grasp in the early stages of the new season.

And yet, those young players all but ensure success for this team for years to come.

While many NFL analysts have such a broad view of the entire NFL, they easily lose the fine details that have proven time and time again to be critical elements to this team's success. From contributors throughout the roster, to young rookies taking full advantage of their opportunities to earn playing time, there are so many stories that should be told at this time of year, but too few take the time to tell them.

Let's try to change all of that, starting right now.