Aaron Donald, Joe Noteboom chip in to help rally Rams roster for SB run

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams, Aaron Donald
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams, Aaron Donald / Ryan Kang/GettyImages
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When we posed the question recently of how the team planned to pay for all of the new free-agency signings, we were not holding the LA Rams front office up for ridicule or skepticism. It was simply natural curiosity, The team has an impressive streak of turning a little bit of salary cap space into a pretty impressive importing of new veteran players.

So far, the Rams number of new contracts planned for 2024 is already up to nine players. Four of those new contracts are for players who are new to the Rams organization:

  • LG Jonah Jackson - 3 years, $51 million
  • TE Colby Parkinson - 3 years, $22.5 million
  • DB Darious Williams - 3 years, $22.5 million
  • DB Kamren Curl - 2 years, $13 million

But the team has been equally busy extending players as well:

  • RB Ronnie Rivers - 1 year, $985 thousand
  • WR Demarcus Robinson - 1 year, up to $5 million
  • RG Kevin Dotson - 3 years, $48 million
  • LT Alaric Jackson - 1 year, $4.89 million
  • OLB Michael Hoecht - 1 year, $2.95 million

While the specifics of these contracts are not known, they have undoubtedly pushed the team's finances to a point where freeing up additional cap space is no longer an option. Sensing the need for the team to free up a lot of cash this year, we got ahead of the matter and shared in some detail how the Rams front office could free up an additional $65 million in 2024 salary cap space.

It appears as though the Rams took our advice.

The most obvious place to start for the Rams was with swing tackle Joe Noteboom. His $20 million cap hit in 2024 was far in excess of the value of his swing-tackle role. Now don't get me wrong, our expectations for the Rams were to keep him on the roster. We even predicted as such. With Noteboom back, at a better price, the Rams have a complete offensive line plus a sixth man that should allow the group to crack the Top-3 offensive line groups for 2024.