Adam Rank's rosy outlook for Rams 2024 season will make fans ecstatic

NFL writer goes against the grain and offers up an optimistic outlook over the LA Rams in 2024.
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams Kyren Williams
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams Kyren Williams / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

The LA Rams are not exactly wowing NFL analysts so far. I have to admit to being mildly surprised by that fact. After all, the Rams' 10-7 record and sixth-seeding in the 2024 NFL Playoffs caught everyone a bit flat-footed last season. Typically, NFL analysts compensate the following season by expressing far more optimism for the team. So far, that hasn't exactly been the case. But perhaps that trend is weakening. writer Adam Rank recently published his outlook for NFC West Division teams, and he showed a bit of love to the LA Rams for the upcoming season. In the article, he proclaims that the Rams are a playoff team this season, and he does so without hesitation but with plenty of conviction.

What makes Adam Rank so positive about the Rams chances in 2024?

III: Rams took Detroit Lions to the edge in 2024 NFL Playoffs, on the road

First and foremost, the Rams went toe to toe with the Detroit Lions in the 2024 NFL Playoffs and did so on the road. That was no small feat, as the emotionally charged Lions were well-coached and well-prepared for that game. The funny part about it all was that the Rams did not play their best game, and still managed to lose by only one point. If you recall, that 24-23 loss came despite the Rams red zone disaster of going 0-3 when they neared the Lions' endzone.

And the Rams front office bolstered the team's ability to score in similar circumstances this season.

II: Rams are actually better this season

While the loss of All-Star defensive tackle Aaron Donald is a huge blow to the team's chances in 2024, there is plenty to be optimistic about this year. In many ways, the Rams front office actually improved the overall talent and depth of the Rams roster for the 2024 NFL season. How much better is the team this year? While it's all speculation at this time of the year, I can see the Rams winning the NFC Western Division in 2024.

That may not be how Adam Rank sees the NFC West playing out in 2024. But he does see this team in a much better position to vie for the title.

I: He loves what RB Kyren Williams brings to the table this season

Even as many fans and analysts gravitate towards rookie RB Blake Corum, Rank holds the line and reminds everyone why Rams RB Kyren Williams is just that good:

"I know, many people are going to be drafting rookie running back Blake Corum, and that is not a bad strategy. But Kyren (Williams) was so good down the stretch in 2023. On the season, he led the NFL in rushing yards per game (95.3) and, despite missing five games, finished third in total rushing yards (1,144)." Adam Rank

The Rams offense looked so much different last season with Kyren Williams lined up in the backfield, and the offense has been tuned up to be even more productive for Kyren Williams this season. I'm not declaring this team as a run-centric offense just yet, but I don't believe fans will need to wait four games into the season before Williams turns in his first 100 rushing yards performance. I also don't see Williams sitting out five games in 2024.

What aspect of Kyren Williams do you most appreciate? He scored five touchdowns in his first four games for the Rams in 2023. I can see even more scores in his first four games in 2024. Funny thing, so can Adam Rank.

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