Amid roster "re-tool", these 3 LA Rams could enjoy a breakout 2023 season

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For fans of the LA Rams, it's been a rather unusual offseason. For the team that has become known for the mantra "F Them Picks", 2023 has been more about recouping those draft picks. Former Rams DB Jalen Ramsey has been traded to the Miami Dolphins. Former LBs Bobby Wagner and Leonard Floyd have been released as well. Add those in with the loss of former safety Nick Scott, and there are some pretty seismic voids in the Rams' lineup.

The Rams' roster is far from finished, as they need to double the size of the current roster of 45 players before training camp. One thing is clear though, this roster is going to look significantly different due to the plans of the Rams' rebuild. Or re-tool. I mean remodel. You get the gist. Whatever you feel is appropriate, the LA Rams are certainly going to have a completely new look, feel, and outlook in 2023.

Rams and the Wait, baring walls strategy (pun intended)

Rams general manager Les Snead has mentioned Rams QB Matthew Stafford, WR Cooper Kupp, and DT Aaron Donald as "weight-bearing pillars" of the organization as they do a makeover of the roster. However, there are three players already on the current roster who have shown flashes and could become players the Rams don't want to lose in their own right.

The Rams roster has not exactly been adding players at the pace of the other 31 NFL teams. In fact, the LA Rams have actually reduced their roster since free agency began. Now only did the team release OLB Leonard Floyd and ILB Bobby Wagner, but the team parted ways with seven players that had just signed Reserve/Future contracts with the team two months earlier.

So far, the team has only re-signed four players: IOL Coleman Shelton, OLB Michael Hoecht, DB Shaun Jolly, and ILB Christian Rozeboom. While the Rams have not extended a number of young players with promising potential, there are several players who the Rams have remained quite high on and who are poised for increasing roles in 2023. Like who?

Here are three potential breakout players for your 2023 Los Angeles Rams.