Analytics suggests Rams overpaid big time in NFL Draft

Well, did they?
Syracuse v Florida State
Syracuse v Florida State / Don Juan Moore/GettyImages

The Los Angeles Rams' 2024 draft included them adding 10 new players to their roster. For the most part, analysts appeared to be a fan of what the Rams did but the one shared criticism of the Rams' 2024 draft haul is that pundits feel Les Snead gave up too much to snag Braden Fiske in the second round.

Ramblin' Fan's own Bret Suter discussed the move and didn't think the Rams overpaid to land Fiske, making the point that Fiske was the best pass-rusher on the board and the Rams clearly felt he was the missing puzzle piece for their defense.

That being said, there's no denying that the Rams paid a heavy sum to move up and nab Fiske. Seth Walder posted on X that the trade "was the most expensive Day 2 overpay of at least the last six drafts".

Rams continue to get criticized for trade to draft Braden Fiske

The best way for the Rams to prove they made the right call here is for Fiske to pan out and quickly. Fiske had 6.0 sacks and 9.0 tackles for loss during his 2023 season at Florida State and has a history with Jared Verse, as the two played in Tallahassee together last year. The Rams are hoping those two can build on their chemistry and give them a ferocious pass-rushing unit.

The reality of this situation is that we won't know how good or bad of a move this was for several years. Maybe Fiske balls out and we can immediately praise Snead's move. Maybe one of the players taken with the pick the Rams gave up (Adonai Mitchell and Jeremiah Trotter) go on to have terrific rookie seasons. Even still, it'll probably take a solid three years before we truly know how the Rams did in this trade-up.

Let's hope people are eating their words after Fiske proves to be more than worth the move up and the picks to acquire him.