Are LA Rams TEs ready for the 2023 NFL season after the draft?

Davis Allen Clemson
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So where are the LA Rams in terms of their tight end position? Well, the team boasts returning veteran tight ends, Tyler Higbee and Brycen Hopkins. And now there are two more tight ends on the Rams roster tight end Hunter Long, who was obtained in a trade with the Miami Dolphins, and new rookie tight end Davis Allen from Clemson. But the question now is: Are LA Rams TEs ready for the 2023 NFL season after the draft?

We have had some concerns over the tight end position in the 2023 off-season. For starters, both Higbee and Hopkins are competing in the last years of their current contracts. And the only other tight end on the Rams roster is Long, who the Rams are still getting to know. Truth be told, failing to add a tight end in this draft was one of our 3 worst-case draft scenarios. So are we any closer to answering the question:" Are LA Rams TEs ready for the 2023 NFL season after the draft?

It's been a worry for the team since the 2022 off-season. The LA Rams had benefited from the remarkable and dependable play of former Rams blocking tight end Johnny Mundt. Now that he has since signed to play for the Minnesota Vikings, the Rams have not gotten that blocking tight end role down correctly.

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Do the Rams have enough talent at the tight end position now to make the season work? Perhaps. We know that the Rams will not be swapping out Tyler Higbee from his TE1 spot as the Rams roster now stands. That means that he will get the lion's share of targets, offensive snaps, and opportunities.

The fact that TE Brycen Hopkins is entering the fourth and final season of his rookie contract without earning a significant role in the Rams offense suggests that he has plateaued for the team already. So, it's as good as it gets from him for the 2023 NFL season.

The one wildcard that holds almost no certainty is veteran Hunter Long. He has a tremendous reputation as a blocking tight end for the Miami Dolphins, and the Rams certainly would love to exploit that ability to block this season. But whether or not that reputation is earned will need to be fleshed out throughout training camp and perhaps into the season.

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Another wildcard is rookie tight end Davis Allen. The Rams are unlike to carry more than three tight ends on their 53-man roster. So between now and the end of the preseason, he will need to jump over Hopkins on the Rams depth chart. Can he do it? If Hopkins remains unimproved, then the answer is likely yes.

The Rams appear to be ready for the 2023 NFL season, as long as everyone delivers in alignment with their respective roles. But that has been a challenge at the tight end position in the past. Let's hope that both Hunter Long and Davis Allen are up for the challenge.