Are the LA Rams a team that nobody wants to face in post season?

Byron Young, Aaron Donald, Desjuan Johnson, Los Angeles Rams
Byron Young, Aaron Donald, Desjuan Johnson, Los Angeles Rams / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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At one point this season, the LA Rams were reeling and were left for dead by the NFL with a record of 3-6. The Rams limped into a Week 10 BYE, and the fans began to turn more attention towards the 2024 NFL Draft then the 2023 Rams roster. It was not a matter of shade or disbelief, it was simply realistic expectations dealing with the fact that a very young Rams team had only won three of the team's first nine games.

Lo and behold, the LA Rams (7-7) have more than doubled their wins in just five games since their Week 10 BYE and now have an opportunity to secure the pole position for a berth in the NFC Playoffs by defeating a scrappy New Orleans Saints team (7-7) on Thursday Night Football at SoFi Stadium. a Rams win will give them a leg up on many competing teams for a playoff spot with just two games to go. Of course, a loss will sink the Rams' chances back to nearly impossible odds.

Rams roster is young and hungry

The Rams have been quietly improving with each week, a trend that is to be expected with such a young roster. But even with optimism, the LA Rams have been achieving more than expected. After all, the Rams did not have a first-round pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, and yet this team has developed as many as six starting-quality rookies this season, with more likely on the way next season.

That may be the key to the Rams' newfound success. It's almost impossible not to laugh around people with a great sense of humor. It's impossible not to feel sorrow in the company of someone who has suffered an emotional loss. So why shouldn't the Rams roster be hungry and enthusiastic with the influx of so many high-quality rookie additions to the team?

The LA Rams were a team that outflanked and outschemed opponents in the past. This was a team that simply outclassed the competition, fielding All-Pro players among every group, unit, and squad. The Rams relied on that elite play-making to win games.

But this is a Rams team that is no longer just about outsmarting the opposition. This is a team that can play physical football. And that may be what gives the Rams the edge against the Saints.