As LA Rams brace for Week 2, new questions multiply

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Mystery surrounds backup quarterback Stetson Bennett.

The LA Rams' first mystery has little to do with their Week 1 performance. Rather, it is focused on the mysterious conditions surrounding Rams rookie backup quarterback Stetson Bennett. The mystery is not so much that Bennett has been assigned off the 53-man Rams roster to the Non-Football Injury (NFL) list, but rather the fact that the designation has nothing to do with the shoulder injury that prevented him from being active in Week 1.

And then, to splash speculative gasoline on the raging blaze of questions, LA Rams Head Coach Sean McVay had this comment about the decision to do so:

"Out of respect for him and the situation, I am going to leave all the specifics and particulars in-house. And I want to be able to do that out of respect for that situation, so I am not going to really have any follow-up information or anything that I will give in that regards."

Sean McVay re: Stetson Bennett

Talk about setting a match to tinder, an unexpected roster move that impacts a rookie who has struggled with decisions in the recent past that allows no details or follow up? The NFL national media, just like Mother Nature abhors a vacuum:

While I will respect Coach McVay's request and not speculate as to the why, I cannot the fact that many fans are filling in the blanks of this story with a wide range of speculative solutions.

Whatever the cause, this much is clear. LA Rams rookie quarterback Stetson Bennett did not have a smooth offseason. He showed up well in the Rams' first preseason game but regressed over the final two contests. For a rookie hurler, that is at or nearly at the worst-case scenario for Bennett and the LA Rams roster projections.