Behind the Grind episode 3 places 2 2023 Rams stars back on center stage

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Behind the Grind series gives unique perspective

We had featured the Rams Behind the Grind series before, In episode 1, the video focused on open items that were either unresolved or introduced, following the end of the 2023 NFL season. This was the team's opportunity to reveal Aaron Donald's retirement, new DC Chris Shula, and several other human interest stories that occured after the 2023 season ended. Episode 1 raised the bar, leaving fans eagerly anticipating future episodes.

The second episode of Behind the Grind shed light on the Rams draft process but from the perspective of the team itself. This was less about the dramatic build-up of who the team did not draft, but rather the reasoning and celebration over who the team did select

This episode carried the quality and value of the entire Behind the Grind series to an entire new level. The Rams were able to capture the alpha to omega timeline that allowed them to emerge from the 2024 NFL Draft with one of the most talented and suitable rookie classes since the team combined HC Sean McVay and GM Les Snead.

As we had noted in our future forecasting of what Episode 3 might entail:

". . . episode three will dive a bit more in-depth with some of the key personnel who will lead the team in 2024. That will likely include not just players, but key coaches as well. The producers of the series have plenty of options to choose from, as the team has once again restocked the roster as well as restaffed the coaches. Last year, this episode included OTAs, and that is almost certainly one of the chapters to be included in episode three for 2024 as well. . . "

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Now, the question is, did episode three truly deliver to expectations? Let's proceed to the next slide and find out: