Behind the Grind: How LA Rams work to succeed in the NFL Draft

Los Angeles Rams Offseason Workout Matthew Stafford, Sean McVay
Los Angeles Rams Offseason Workout Matthew Stafford, Sean McVay / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages
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Is it too simplistic to create videos that profess that the LA Rams front office and coaching staff simply need to regroup, reassemble the Rams roster with a presumption of a healthy talented roster, and just expect the Rams to bounce back from a rough 5-12 season in 2022?

The Rams Behind the Grind series is fun but informative, a series of video clips that allow Rams fans to see the magic backstage, the physical demands, the strategy that the Rams use to reform their roster, and the approach of the Rams coaching staff to enter and implement the plan of a new season offense, defense, and special team tactics.

Behind the Grind: Episode 1

The first episode of the LA Rams Behind the Grind series talks about the need for the Rams to slow down the fast-paced success of this LA Rams team, a run that included two Super Bowl appearances out of the first five seasons under head coach Sean McVay.

This a good 'here are the challenges,' background for the team. The episode features HC Sean McVay, QB Matthew Stafford, DL Aaron Donald, DL Coach Aubrey Pleasant with DC Raheem Morris, and OC Mike Lafleur,

This is a video that touches base on all of the Rams' returning players, and the key members of the coaching staff who have integral roles in the success of the Rams this season. Some veterans will need to put in their best effort this season, just to salvage their NFL careers, This is a Rams team that is out of second chances, for individual players and for the team as a whole.

dark. Hot. 4 better 4 worse. LA Rams fans love this LA Rams roster: Four betters, Four worse

The trick for this Rams offseason is shaking off disappointment and getting excited about a new opportunity. I believe that the LA Rams have done an admirable job of recharging the emotional energy of the entire organization.