Best depth the LA Rams have enjoyed under Coach McVay at this position?

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One of the narratives that I will never grow tired of in any NFL season is a tale of how the LA Rams turned a position of weakness into a position of strength. While it does not happen often, it does occur enough times to be a 'thing,' and it may be happening for the LA Rams in the 2023 NFL season.

One of the more recent flips from weakness to strength that jumps out for me is the fact that in the 2020 NFL season, the Rams were projected to struggle at their offensive line as well as running back. The offensive line, much like in 2022, was returning after being ranked 31st out of 32 teams in 2019. That 2020 offensive line finished the season ranked third-best in the NFL.

The Rams running backs entered the 2020 season with no experienced feature running back. By season's end, the Rams' running backs had churned out over 2000 yards on the ground. The only other time that had happened was 2018 when the Rams rolled over opponents for over 2200 yards at RB Todd Gurley's prime.

So which position are the Rams suddenly robust at?

Rams suddenly strong at this position

While the LA Rams did lose TE/WR Jacob Harris and TE Kendall Blanton , neither player was statistically significant to the Rams offense. But let's look at the Rams roster at the tight end position for the 2023 NFL season:

  1. Tyler Higbee
  2. Hunter Long
  3. Brycen Hopkins
  4. Davis Allen
  5. Christian Sims

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While only Tyler Higbee has significant experience in the LA Rams offense, let's do a quick view into what each player brings to the Rams offense. Let's work in reverse order and get a quick GPS of who these tight ends are who will compete for playing time, and perhaps even a roster spot, through the 2023 NFL season: