Braden Fiske knows he holds vital role on Rams defense, and loves the pressure

Braden Fiske is under plenty of pressure, and is loving every minute
Los Angeles Rams OTA Offseason Workout, Braden Fiske
Los Angeles Rams OTA Offseason Workout, Braden Fiske / Ric Tapia/GettyImages
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The LA Rams certainly needed help on the defensive line by the time the 2024 NFL Draft rolled around, but do we know just how well former Western Michigan/Florida State defensive lineman Braden Fiske truly fits the team's need? After all, we know the story of how the LA Rams, realizing that they had successfully selected OLB Jared Verse at 19, subsequently made the connection to invoke a package deal in the draft by doubling up on Seminoles defenders and grabbing Braden Fiske:

But was Fiske simply a reactionary move? Would Fiske have been the right move without the team having already selected outside linebacker at 19? In short, was Fiske as much of a fit for this defense in stand alone mode as he is as the second half of the Seminoles outstanding defensive front who is joining the Rams defensive front?

Well, we have taken a look at Braden Fiske before. But this time, let's slow it all down. After all, we have been celebrating the chemistry and combination of the two Seminoles reuniting on the Rams roster on the defensive front. We have pointed out the fact that the bonds of friendship between two competitors have a way of creating a friendly rivalry between two teammates that elevates the performance of both players.

The LA Rams know how that works first-hand. The bond of friendship forged between rookies Byron Young (outside linebacker) and Kobie Turner (nose tackle). While both players were NFL-worthy in their own right, their ability to harmonize and push one another a bit harder throughout the 2023 NFL season catapulted the two rookies to the top of their class. Kobie Turner's 9.0 quarterback sacks, and Byron Young's 8.0 quarterback sacks, literally led all rookies from the draft class of 2023.

While that same effect will be very beneficial for a Rams pass rush that needs plenty of oomph in the aftermath of All-Pro DT Aaron Donald's retirement, there are many more areas that Braden Fiske can help this defense address this season. But it all begins with strong preparation, and playing to his own strengths. So, what type of strengths can fans expect out of Braden Fiske in 2024?

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