Could LA Rams 2024 schedule set the stage for Matthew Stafford's final year?

Let's not act like we all haven't thought about this recently.
NFC Championship - San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams
NFC Championship - San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams / Michael Owens/GettyImages

Matthew Stafford is entering his age 36 season, which will mark his 16th year in the NFL. Could this 2024 NFL season be his last? Let's not act like this isn't a concern, as Stafford has battled injuries his entire career. And even though he's not really missed a ton of time, he's nearly always playing hurt to some degree.

He had a nice year in 2023, bouncing back from an injury-riddled 2022 season. He's closer to 40 years old than 30, and he's got the Super Bowl ring. In terms of some personal miletones, he's less than 4,000 yards away from 60,000 in his career. He's got 357 touchdown passes, and if he managed ot have quite the prolific season in 2024, he could hit the 400 TD mark.

He's also got 98 career regular season wins, and there is no chance the Rams win less than two games in 2024, so you have to figure that he can hit 100 at some point early on during the 2024 season. You combine all of that with the fact that maybe the stud QB does enter a decline in 2024.

No one wants that, but Father Time is undefeated. And obviously, Stafford is a father, so many NFL players do consider their time with family as being a reason for them hanging it up. Listen, I am not saying that he will retire, but he's got the personal miletones with the Super Bowl ring, and he's also close to a couple of other fun passing milestones.

At this point, there isn't much that Matthew Stafford has not done in the NFL, and with the 2024 schedules coming out on Wednesday night, could Stafford and even his family be thinking that 2024 could be one last ride?

It if does come true, it'll be the end to one of the more interesting QB careers in the history of the NFL.