Could LA Rams outsmart the NFL with 1 of these 5 out of favor QBs?

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Can Rams tap veteran QBs as Stafford's successor?

The pattern for the LA Rams has changed in terms of how the team has tried to bolster the quarterback room. The Rams rolled the dice on the unpopular veteran quarterback Baker Mayfield in 2022 and resurrected his career to a point where he was dubbed to take over for long-term NFL quarterback Tom Brady. So far in 2023, Mayfield has completed 64.6 percent of his passes, while throwing for 2,143 yards, 14 touchdowns, and five interceptions.

The LA Rams helped to brighten up the tarnished NFL career of veteran quarterback Baker Mayfield. And having been successful with Mayfield, the Rams are now encouraged enough to try once more.

The LA Rams were unable to extend Baker Mayfield, but the team did pivot to veteran quarterback Carson Wentz as the backup after Matthew Stafford's thumb injury prevented him from playing in Week 9. The hope among Rams fans is that Wentz will reclaim his dominance in the NFL, but will do so in such a way that the Rams will able to afford re-signing him after this season.

What will Rams do if Wentz is not extended?

But an extension for Carson Wentz is no sure thing. After all, the Rams wanted to extend Baker Mayfield, but he had other plans. After all, Mayfield recognized that the Rams were committed to Stafford as their starter. Has that changed in 2023? I don't think so. This means that Carson Wentz must decide if he is content to sit on the Rams roster and hope for 'someday,' to arrive, or he must brave the uncertainty of the NFL Free Agency market once more. What will the LA Rams do if veteran quarterback Carson Wentz restores his career to the point where he signs a lucrative contract to play for some new NFL team?

What can this team do? The Rams are not contending for an NFL Championship just yet, so I would not plan for any appearances in the NFL Playoffs. But with four wins, the Rams are unlikely to be in a position to land a top quarterback prospect. While the Rams could target a quarterback late in Round 1, there are other options to fill the need for a franchise quarterback as well. The Rams could deal for a veteran quarterback who may have overstayed their welcome on their current team.