Day 2 of NFL Combine marked by Rams favored DBs going down to injuries

NFL Combine, Nate Wiggins, LA Rams
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While Day 1 of the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine rang with great quotes and sizzling athletic feats that impressed the LA Rams and Rams fans alike, Day 2 took a different path altogether. It was the day of tight ends and defensive backs, both positional groups that could be high on the team's list of priorities to address throughout the 2024 NFL Draft.

If the Rams were the only team targeting those positions in this draft, things would be incredibly promising for the team. Unfortunately, 32 teams are all likely targetting additional DB reinforcements during this draft, and even the robust supply of 68 rookie hopefuls in attendance will fall short of meeting that demand.

That number will be reinforced with additional prospects as college and regional Pro Days begin to attract NFL scouts and executives, but there will be teams whose demand for young secondary help may need to be met through the 2024 NFL Free Agency market. That is even more likely to be the case after today's events were headlined by two of the top defensive backs in this draft class reported suffering injuries:

Unfortunate injuries impact 2 top DB prospects

While some gravitated to Alabama defensive back Kool-Aid McKinstry from his name alone, this young man has been among the top defensive backs in this class and has remained there throughout the 2023 NCAA football season. In fact, he and his teammate Terrion Arnold are two of the Top-5 defensive backs on almost all draft boards.

Well, until now:

While a Jones fracture may not be as horrendous as it has been to NBA players, its presence does introduct a bit of uncertainty to his draft profile. We know from past experience that players often tumble in the presence of medical flags. How far might Kool-Aid McKinstry fall as a result? We'll find out at the 2024 NFL Draft.

Clemson defensive back Nate Wiggins has been one of the most respected rookie prospects in the 2024 NFL Draft, and his 4.29-second showing in the 40-yard dash is going to place him as the top one or two cornerbacks on almost every team's draft board. Or, will it?

Hip Flexor strains are not as troublesome as the injury may sound. It is an injury that has varying degrees of damage, but due to ample blood flow in the area, will likely result in a full recovery with rest, and proper care. Because he was immediately cared for, even the worst diagnosis would be that he will be back on his feet in from four to six weeks, and even less if the strain is not severe.

But if all other factors were equal, how much would this injury impact Nate Wiggins's draft stock? For some teams, perhaps it will pose little to no impact. But NFL teams tend to shy away from medically-flagged players in Round 1 if other options are on the board. And in the 2024 NFL Draft, even a minor ding can be the difference between coming off the draft board within the Top 15 selections or falling to a late Day 2 position.

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