Don't fall in love with prospects before the LA Rams pick in 2023 NFL Draft

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The LA Rams have 11 draft picks in the 2023 NFL Draft, and they begin their selection process as early as the 36th overall pick. The Rams did not have a single selection in the Top 100 in the 2022 NFL Draft. This year, the team has three picks in the Top 80. While that is plenty to be excited about, there are limits as to what the Rams' front office can do in this draft.

Knowing that the 2023 NFL Draft will play a huge part in the LA Rams' success not just for the 2023 NFL season, but for the next four years, we detailed a Top 50 Prospects Big Board for the LA Rams to aid fans in isolating potential rookies, not only based on needs but on their projection in the draft. The rookies who are added this year will be expected to develop rapidly, and ultimately earn significant roles on the Rams roster quickly.

How will the Rams fill half their roster?

Of course, with 45 vacant roster spots, the LA Rams have a huge number of needs that can be addressed in the 2023 NFL Draft. Which makes this team far less likely to trade up and shrink their number of draft picks in what many believe to be a draft class loaded with talent at the positions that this team needs to stockpile the most.

This is new territory for an NFL team, which is why so much is being written about the LA Rams unusual strategy. Let's face it, the Rams gave it a great run with their willingness to cash in the future value of their draft picks and salary cap dollars for present day veteran players. The Rams were able to appear in the Super Bowl twice in five seasons and win once.

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That strategy caught the attention of many NFL teams in 2022, creating unwanted competition for the LA Rams patented picks for players strategy. In one instance, NFC West Division rival San Francisco 49ers were able to outbid the Rams for Carolina Panthers veteran RB Christian McCaffrey. In another instance, the Panthers shot down the Rams bid for young pass rusher Brian Burns.