Don't look now, but UDFA IOL Grant Miller deserves a spot on the Rams roster

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A quick summary

The truth of the matter is that the LA Rams have all too often focused on adding NCAA offensive tackles to the Rams roster and then cross-training them to compete as offensive guards in the NFL. While that may or may not have served the Rams well in the past (you can decide), the Rams appear to have adopted a new strategy this year.

Rather than continue to add offensive tackles exclusively, the Rams signed former firefighter IOL Mike McAllister as well as former Wake Forest IOL Sean Maginn. The Rams completed their Trifecta by adding former Baylor interior offensive lineman Grant Miller.

It's clear that Grant Miller entered the 2023 NFL Draft witn a very open mind about playing any position that NFL teams might ask him to play, including long snapper. That is huge in terms of his versatility and eventual value to the Rams roster, as any NFL team roster. The more roles he can fill effectively, the better.

What I don't like about this signing

While the LA Rams need offensive linemen, my unfamilarity with Grant Miller did not serve me well in this instance. You see, two of my initial stops in trying to build my data base for Grant Miller did not get optimal resulrs. Grant Miller did not compete in the Reese Senior Bowl. And when I turned to determine what Baylory IOL Grant Miller's Relative Athletic Score (RAS) was among offensive guard prospects, well, that didn't turn out so well either.

Of course, there is a solid argument to be made for NFL interior offensive linemen, and the fact that the NFL Scouting Combine offers little value to truly assess the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the position.

The LA Rams have a deep roster at the offensive line positions, and it seemed that retaining a veteran or two from last season's free agency signings might have been a better strategy than signing undrafted and unknown college free agents. But there are some promising qualities about Grant Miller that makes him a solid choice.