GM Les Snead: "(Rams) plan to onboard QB Stetson Bennett for offseason workouts"

Los Angeles Rams Stetson Bennett
Los Angeles Rams Stetson Bennett / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages
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The topic of LA Rams backup quarterback Stetson Bennett may not have had much to talk about so far, but that is due to the NFL equivalent of "Where's Waldo?" that has plagued the organization since he was mysteriously assigned to the Non-Football Injury/Injured Reserve list. We addressed those rumors early on in the 2023 NFL season with as much information as was available. But the team was unwilling to share what they knew, and Bennett had gone radio silent on the matter.

That led to fans filling in the blanks with imagination and speculation. At times, even the Rams' staff seemed to have lost hope that Bennett would be back in 2024. I suppose that it's only human nature to prepare for the worst while hoping for the best. The best scenario, in this case, would be a happy reunion with Bennett this season, and discovering that he had not lost a beat in his ability to pilot this offense.

Even as many fans' comments continued to become more disparaging and hostile to Stetson Bennett, as well as anyone who would dare to write about him in the interest of keeping readers updated, we pushed the right message: Stetson Bennett will be back. We cited many reasons for remaining hopeful, but it all came down to the fact that the team continued to hold him on the roster.

But ultimately, our resilient optimism had new reasons to bloom. Like the warmth of a new spring, reports began to surface that Stetson Bennett was very serious about his NFL career, and was working out this offseason to regain his NFL football athleticism.

Before he was assigned to the NFI/IR roster, he was heralded with plenty of praise from the Rams coaching staff in training camp. Even his first preseason performance was encouraging, as he appeared to have a command of the playbook, and to be at ease at the helm of the offense.