GM Les Snead: "(Rams) plan to onboard QB Stetson Bennett for offseason workouts"

Los Angeles Rams Stetson Bennett
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It appears Rams coaching staff ramped up for Stetson Bennett

As easily as it has been to forget Stetson Bennett, the LA Rams have not done so. In many ways, new coaches hired to the offensive coaching staff have all had significant success in their past at developing quarterbacks to compete in the NFL. And just like the team invested in coaches to help turn around the careers of WR Tutu Atwell and WR/TE Jacob Harris, the team seems to have had an eye on helping second-year quarterback Stetson Bennett to adjust to his new role with the LA Rams.

One key to it all appears to be new QB Coach Dave Ragone. As Bleacher Report's Joseph Zucker shares, the team knows that Ragone has an ongoing relationship with Bennett, and based on statements from Les Snead, it appears that Ragone has lobbied for the team to maintain Bennett on the roster:

"What we've done is, Dave Ragone, our new quarterback coach, had a relationship with Stetson from last year's (2023 NFL) draft, being in Atlanta, so I know Dave's step one was him connecting with Stetson and rekindling their relationship.

I know he is in Dallas working out. I know Dave has shown some clips of Stetson working out at the place where, I am pretty sure it is where he trained coming out, but I know it is in Dallas. So he is looking good. So right now our plan is to onboard him for our offseason workouts."

Les Snead

Dave Ragone as the Rams new QB coach brings nothing but positivity to the team's 2024 opportunity to get Bennet back and competing once more. The Rams quarterback situation has to consider that as great news. The team has every confidence in starting quarterback Matthew Stafford. But backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo will face a two-game suspension at the opening of the 2024 NFL season.

The only other quarterback on the roster right now is reserve quarterback Dresser Winn.