Grading the Rams' first seven (re-)signings in 2024 free agency

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Rams sign DB Darious Williams

The reception for former Rams defensive back Darious Williams was surprisingly lukewarm by fans. Surprisingly, because DWill was one of the most effective and productive defensive backs available in the 2024 NFL Free Agency market, and the team seemed to get a home-town discount from him, adding him on a three-year $22.5 million contract.

That's incredible value, folks.

Compare that contract to that of DB Chidobe Awuzie (3 years, $36 million) or DB Kenny Moore (3 years, $30 million), neither of whom had a season as good as Williams 2023 season, and the value of Williams' deal begins to become obvious.

Williams started every game for the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2023, playing 1035 defensive snaps. Despite his being present for so much of the season, he allowed just 55 of 100 passes to be caught. Of those 100 passes, he allowed two touchdowns, but intercepted four, and generated his own score with a pick-six. He put up 53 tackles, and even record three tackles for a loss.

The biggest complaint with Darious Williams is his size. He stands 5-foot-9 and weighs 189 pounds. But that is missing the point. This guy casts a much larger shadow in the secondary, outplaying, outhustling, and outperforming both receivers and other defensive backs in his passion to claim that football whenever it is in the air.

Best of all, he knows the Rams coaches, players, and defensive scheme, and everyone knows him.

Not only does DWill return to help the Rams appear (and win) another Super Bowl, but he will serve as an ideal mentor to the team's young defensive backs (and I can't help but point out how critical he will be in helping second-year DB Tre Tomlinson step up in 2024).

We lobbied hard for the team to reunite with Darious Williams after his release from the Jacksonville Jaguars. He instantly upgrades the secondary. If the team can extend Ahkello Witherspoon, they will be in good shape. If the team re-signs either Jordan Fuller or John Johnson III as well, they will be in even better shape. Finally, if the team finds a bargain veteran edge rusher, the team will be set up perfectly to draft the Best Player Available (BPA) this year.

You may or may not like this signing. I love it. But don't trust me. Trust the Rams front office and coaches:

Our Grade: A+