How Blake Corum creates options for Rams offense to deploy 2 RBs simultaneously

Blake Corum and Kyren Williams on the football field at the same time? Here's how and why the LA Rams could create a new chapter in their offensive playbook.
Los Angeles Rams Minicamp, Blake Corum, Jordan Whittington
Los Angeles Rams Minicamp, Blake Corum, Jordan Whittington / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages
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Did the LA Rams land another superb rookie prospect who can contribute instantly to this offense? While it's still too early to tell, the hope is that the OTAs and mini camp version of rookie RB Blake Corum is truly the player this team will see in the 2024 NFL season. If that pans out, the Rams offense could be almost impossible to shut down this season.

But how can the coaching staff, or the fans for that matter, applaud his potential without overreaching on expectations that fall into disappointment if he does not deliver on those goals? After all, if he has a solid season, will pie-in-the-sky expectations leave everyone feeling as though he did not deliver to his true potential?

The true litmus test of an elite NFL rookie can become the simplest event. In the case of LA Rams and Head Coach Sean McVay, how good Blake Corum might be starts with how often and well the offense plans to use him. Let me explain:

When the LA Rams selected rookie RB Kyren Williams to this offense in the 2022 NFL Draft, there wa more than buoyant reports out of training camp that suggested that Williams was truly a fine rookie with immense upside potential. So much so that HC Sean McVay was rumored to have installed specific plays for Williams in Game 1. Instead, the young ball carrier suffered a high ankle sprain on special teams, and would not take an offensive snap until Week 10.

While he did not confirm his special place in the offense his rookie season, he certainly overshot the mark in his second season with the team. His 5.0 yards per run is the best average of any featured running back since the team hired McVay to be head coach of this team. And his impressive 1,144 yards and 12 touchdowns are even more jaw-dropping when you factor in the part where he only played in 12 games this past season.

Now, what can we detect about RB Blake Corum to suggest that he has similar NFL upside?